(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) Anything Lisa Schonberg touches is gold. More than just a great drummer, she uses drums as compositional tools that have made bands like Explode into Colors and Kickball great. Always in demand, she's drummed for Mirah, Tune-yards, Tara Jane O'Neil, the Need, and Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, just to name a few. But it's the rare Secret Drum Band performance that brings her into the spotlight. Composing with the space in mind, Schonberg brings together a surprise star-studded cast of five drummers and two noise/tone/sound makers to create an experience unlike any other. Plus: Futuristic costumes by Heather Treadway and live drawing by local artist Leif J. Lee. Tonight's also the record-release show for local synth-wavers DoublePlusGood's winning new full-length, You Can Master Life!, a collection of wistfully romantic pop perfectly suited for dancing—either on the dance floor, or alone in front of the mirror. JOSHUA JAMES AMBERSON Also see My, What a Busy Week!


(Kenton Club, 2025 N Kilpatrick) While Richmond Fontaine's sister band, the Delines, continue to gather steam following the release of their excellent debut album, Colfax, don't think RF have been resting on their considerable laurels. Though the band's 2014 was slowed due to the Delines—primary songwriter Willy Vlautin and drummer Sean Oldham are members—the by-now legendary Americana crew fulfilled a lifelong dream by playing at the Pendleton Roundup this year, and will play its only other full-band show of the year tonight at the (World Famous) Kenton Club. As ever, Vlautin's confessional prose is front and center, and the band's spookily tight rhythm section is appreciated by underground country aficionados city-, country- and world-wide. RYAN J. PRADO


(Laughing Horse Books, 12 NE 10th) Mixing ecstatic garage-rock energy with brooding melancholy, Seaside, California's Burnt Palms have a talent for making joyously danceable moments out of lonely and angry refrains. Their latest effort, The Girl You Knew, is full of heartbreak you want to have a party to. With a sunny beach-pop backdrop, the album celebrates the worst moments of being in a relationship. It's a celebration that culminates in the infectiously catchy "fuck you, I don't want to see you" ending of the song "Isolation"—a moment that feels so good, it's impossible to sing along without a smile on your face. Local newcomers A Certain Smile open up the night, while Portland's Golden Hour and Sister Palace—just back from a joint Northwest tour—bring exceptionally smart, minimalist noise-pop bliss. JJA Also see All-Ages Action!


(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Il Sogno del Marinaio—Italian for "the sailor's dream"—is the music project comprising bass-wielding legend Mike Watt, guitarist Stefano Pilia, and drummer Andrea Belfi. The trio came together on a whim in 2009 when Pilia and Belfi recruited Watt to join them for an impromptu festival set in Cesena, Italy. The mini-tour that followed led to the quick recording of the band's debut, La Busta Gialla, an album that didn't see release until last year due to busy schedules. For the band's follow-up, Canto Secondo, the trio has found time to make their debut here in the States by jamming econo in typical Watt fashion. With 51 shows in as many days, the tour has potential to shape the still-young band. Given the improvisational nature of the music and the talent at hand, it should prove to be a voyage well worth checking out. CHIPP TERWILLIGER