From now until the 2014 Chili Jamboree emcee cries "ladles IN!", we're profiling each contestant's uniquely-crafted chili.

Buy your tickets ahead, avoid the line, and SAVE MONEY! This day of live music, copious food, and flowing booze is at Mississippi Studios, Sunday, October 5.


Smokehouse 21
Smoked hog head pozole, crispy pig ears (Pictured above is Smokehouse 21's brisket)

DESCRIPTION: BJ Smith, whose popcorn-adorned chili performed remarkably well in the voting last year, has a cavalier and mystic attitude about describing this year's new chili entry, offering only [quote], "its awesome because i am smoking hog heads[.]" Smith's BBQ is widely held to be among the best in the city; I have attested to this repeatedly, in both word and deed (the eating deed).

I Left My Wallet in El Segundo

DESCRIPTION: Lardo founder Rick Gencarelli says of his chili, "It's inspired by my 1989 trip across country from Brooklyn to the coastal town of El Segundo in a '74 Dodge Dart with my friends Q-Tip, Phife Dawg and Ali Shaheed Mohammed. We got lost along the way and being very hungry we stopped at a nice little pub in the middle of nowhere. Q-Tip got enchiladas and he ate 'em, Ali had the fruit punch. I will be bringing to the Chili Jam what I had that day - Smoked brisket and short rib chili cheeseburger with fried Jalapeños and American cheese. Someday we just might go back and get that wallet. I gotta get it, I got got to get it!" I confirmed with Rick that his chili will actually be served on small hamburgers, to everyone, on the big day.

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