US Rep Earl Blumenauer loves bikes, Portland, and his yearly batch of holiday fruit cake. This much has long been established.

But anyone following Blumenauer on Facebook may have gotten the briefest glimpse at another possible passion earlier today, when this popped up:


(Caveat: Did I see the post on Blumenauer's feed with my own two eyes? I did not. If this is a hoax—my god what a hoax.)

The post was promptly removed, and speculation is running rampant about an aide forgetting to change his/her "use Facebook as" setting.

But the fact is, NOTHING is clear at this point, and Blumenauer's staff hasn't responded to the Mercury's inquiry. Impossible to know what to believe, but is it really so hard to imagine Blumenauer falling prey to these charms?

Blumenauer is running for re-election this year, by the way.