From now until the 2014 Chili Jamboree emcee cries "ladles IN!", we're profiling each contestant's uniquely-crafted chili.

Buy your tickets ahead, avoid the line, and SAVE MONEY! This day of live music, copious food, and flowing booze is at Mississippi Studios, Sunday, October 5.

Dicks is on SE Belmont and NW 21st.
  • Dick's is on SE Belmont and NW 21st.

Dick's Kitchen
Dick's Meaty chili

Dick’s Kitchen will serve up Dick’s Meaty Chili. If you don’t know Dick’s, it’s where giving a shit about yourself and the world meets actual excellent food that reads like uncompromised pleasure. That almost never happens.

Head chef Andrew Garrett is getting out there with local venison, squash, and an expertly-tweaked heat. (Many know Garrett as the founder of the award-winning NW Elixirs hot sauce line.) He writes:

"A combination of local venison, squash, and some dope spices. Really working towards focus on clean eating and consuming food that we can trace back to it's source. The recipe is a combination of the classic Dick's chili and the venison chili my father and I used to make after each deer hunt, using all the ingredients from our own garden; [it's] family tradition that I get to share with the community at large. Oh, and as you probably assumed, this chili is gonna have some fire too. Not too much, but you know me."

Tamale Boy
Mexican Chili

Tamale boy is another mobile vendor that achieved escape velocity to the brick and mortar world this year, landing up on NE Dekum between the Woodlawn and Concordia neighborhoods. Owner Jaime Soltero says of his chef's concoction: "[We're building] a chili of slow cooked red beans, chipotle in adobo, seasoned ground pork and beef, pasilla peppers, and roasted corn.” This goes atop fried jalapeno masa spheres, which may or may not be a mocking Mexican jab at molecular gastronomy and its perverse affection for perfectly round food.

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