Last night, Pond played the Doug Fir, and while in town, the Australian band's van was broken into. Their sound guy—who is also Tame Impala's sound guy, as Pond also shares members with that band, who are also from Perth—had his bag stolen which held thousands of dollars of gear and equipment. Perhaps worst of all, it contained hard drives that had live recordings from the tour that were going to be part of Pond's next album. This is irreplaceable; no pawn-shop payday will come close to the immaterial value of those recordings.

This is sickening, awful news, for artists to come this far from home and be robbed while in our city. If you know anything at all, or have any info about how to recover the bag that contains these belongings, please contact the band at the email address of hello at spinningtopmusic dot com and no questions will be asked. They're even offering a cash reward—that's how important the stolen items are. Here is the post that Pond put on Facebook earlier today:

Hey Portland!! We had a pelican bag of gear stolen from our van ..
If ANYONE knows ANYTHING we're willing to offer a CASH REWARD for any information - we're desperate for the hard drives as they have countless hours of music and effort stored!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the word and talk to your mates and let us know how you go ..

(Ps. no questions asked for anyone with any info or esp if they can come up with goods)