The holiday shopping season is more or less underway, which means that the old feelings of fear and procrastination should be creeping up on you right about... now. And while it's always mildly hilarious to watch the violent deal-rabid crowds at Walmarts tackle each other during Black Friday sales, let's not be a part of the fray this year if we can help it.

After all, Portland is home to Little Boxes, which is a two-day, citywide alternative to the big boxes' Black Friday incentives. It's only in its fourth year and is expected to see over 200 local retailers participate this Nov 28-29. Over on MOD, we have a piece that goes into some of the event's details (it's pretty impressively organized, and even has an app to help you easily find participating locations and track your eligibility for prizes). Do check it out and take advantage of the program, which last year was estimated to have created $283,500 in additional revenue for local establishments.