Explode into Colors, Secret Drum Band... when I think of the world of Lisa Schonberg, it's all prisms and triangles and art grants for experimental performances in Joshua Tree. There's also her work in entomology and as the NW correspondent for Tom Tom Magazine, so of course she is now co-teaching a class that taps into the commonalities between yoga and drumming.

Muscle Memory is a joint effort between Schonberg and Sweethome Teacup to teach concurrent exercises for the body and mind, from vocal exercises and basic stick form to "rhythm, improvisation, and syncopation." There aren't many types of yoga I haven't tried, but this certainly qualifies, and is such a perfectly Portland joining of creative and holistic forces, that it needed to be mentioned, especially since it's one day only! The day in question: This Saturday, Dec 6, 10-11:30 am, Revival Drum Shop, $15.

In other Schonberg happenings, she joins PDX EcoUnite for their monthly gathering January 9 at Holocene to talk about the Hylaeus Project, wherein she and Aidan Koch have documented threatened native bees in Hawaii through "visual art, natural history writing, music composition, and photography." Some of those bee songs are performed by Secret Drum Band, BTW, which also has a show at Mississippi Studios Dec 18... Yoga, music, bugs, and the Hawaiian sun sound like a good way to be, so there are three ways to have some of what Schonberg's having.

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