Police Union President Equates Police Reform Protests with "Culture of Hatred Toward Law Enforcement," Casts Blame for Murder of Two New York Cops


Daryl Turner is a fucking lunatic.
No, Mr. Turner. t is the inaction of any good cop refusing to cross that thin blue line when they see an officer doing wrong that is causing this. Lets look at Arron Campbell and James Chasse as just two of these examples of People getting tired of people dying at the hands of those who swore to protect and serve, not beat and kill. This rhetoric that you blood-sucking thugs propagate will reach out to hit you where it hurts time and again. Start crossing that line and then we can talk.
Look man, the guy has a point.
Let's be real here.
The taking of life by cops, when avoidance is possible, is wrong. Sure.
And this does affect black men much more than it should.
But the assassination of a couple cops ain't right either, even in these heated times.
“Why did you draw your gun?” How the law encourages police brutality - Salon.com

I don't understand how Turner made a statement so quickly. How did he retain the ability to speak within 48 hours of this terrible event? See: http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.s…

"Officer Daryl Turner, president of the Portland Police Association, said later Tuesday that the current practice isn't designed to delay the investigation, but to allow officers who have participated in a traumatic encounter to calm down.

'Psychologists all say it takes about 48 hours to recover emotionally, physically and psychologically from a traumatic incident,'' Turner said. "It's not done to put off any kind of statement, but a way for an officer to come down from that critical incident and give an account of what happened with clear and concise information.' "
It isn't a black and white matter (no racial implications intended). Is there an important issue with police killing citizens? Yes. Is protest a legitimate part of dealing with that issue? Yes. Is there a potential that those protests might cause a mentally unbalanced person to take inappropriate measures? Yes.

And each person has their individual perspective on what is the most important of those issues. Since our society tends to reward the sales type, aggressive/assertive personality, hyperbole in defense of an individuals position is often seen as the only defense. Hyperbole such as "They have created a culture of hatred towards law enforcement nationwide" and "you blood-sucking thugs" both tend to inflame the issues.

It's like negotiating to buy a car. Both sides start out at extreme positions so that when they meet in the middle, each will be satisfied that they got the best deal they could. If each would be reasonable and acknowledge the validity of at least some of the issues, there would be less time wasted and less acrimony felt.

But that wouldn't profit the media, or the politicians, or the demagogues. It would only profit the average citizen.
I guess Darryl Turner only sees those wearing blue uniforms as his brothers and sisters
Wow, thanks for shedding some light on things frankie. Killing people is wrong. Great point.

What a disgusting sentiment from Turner. Yes, we need to bring all the parties to the table, but those officers died because citizens protested police brutality? You don't sound like you're ready to have that conversation yet. This is the entire reason WHY police are protesting - it's not just the racial profiling and the itchy trigger fingers. It's the lack of accountability.

I would be a lot more willing to sympathize with the hazards of the job if police showed some semblance of admitting that sometimes an officer. You want to know where the conversation should start? Pat Lynch admitting "we fucked up and it cost an American his life at the hands of those sworn to protect him" instead of declaring open warfare on citizens.
It's okay, guys, I'm sure he's equally disgusted with the huge number of right-wing zealots who have promoted violence against the government and police officers repeatedly over the last thirty of forty years. And which has led to countless murders of police officers. All the Sovereign-citizen, survivalist, militia-minded nutjobs who crave a shootout with some asshole cop 'infringin' on their rights, just mouthin' off.

I'm sure that editorial is coming right up. Make some coffee and get ready for Daryl's next screed...
If we are not careful, no sane person is going to want to be a cop. We need to balance police accountability with respect for the average cop and the pressures he or she is under.

I can understand the anger on the police accountability side. But, as a practical matter, when a relationship is this toxic and must be saved, both sides are going to have to change.

If you cannot, for one minute, imagine what is like to be a cop, then shut up. If you cannot, for one minute, imagine what it is like to be pulled over for a DWB, then shut up. Shut up and keep shutting up because one-sided thinking is the reason we have civil unrest and grieving families.
'Protecting the communities we serve'....HAHAHA what a joke! Ass
Labor unions for any profession in which there is a reasonable expectation that workers will deprive people of life, limb or liberty need to be tightly regulated.

I'm very pro-labor, but the above is becoming obvious. Police unions are a bug in the system, and it's time for a bugfix.
Maybe if you leftist/anarchist/social justice douchebags didn't chant "All the cops in the ground, rest in peace, Michael Brown" here in Portland, he wouldn't have this attitude?