LOST LANDER Shades of Shock the Monkey.
  • LOST LANDER Shades of "Shock the Monkey."
Lost Lander just dropped another song from their exceptional second album, Medallion, and we've got the exclusive premiere. "Gemini" finds the Portland band—expanded from the loose collective centered around singer/songwriter Matt Sheehy that appeared on Lost Lander's debut, DRRT, to include full-time members Sarah Fennell (keyboards), Patrick Hughes (drums), and William Seiji Marsh (bass)—exploring the synth-tinged reaches of art pop. "Gemini" boasts an assertive 12/8 martial/dance beat, a wiry guitar riding a complex arrangement, and an inclusive chorus that sounds stadium-ready to me.

Of the song, Sheehy says, "'Gemini' is about the slippery slope you can find yourself on when you start to get close to someone, and you start to feel like they're getting their meat-hooks into you. That can be a great feeling, but if you're feeling raw and injured it can also feel like you're sliding into quicksand. But maybe you discover that you both are feeling the same darkness, and as a result maybe you're perfectly suited to heal each other."

He also told us a little bit about the challenges in getting it onto tape. (Or the hard drive.) "We really pushed ourselves hard with this song while recording—for a long time we thought it had potential but just wasn't coming together," Sheehy says. "By the end, I think it ended up representing the spirit of everything we wanted to do on the new album. We (meaning Brent [Knopf, producer] and Lost Lander) had many iterations of it, and I might have spent two full days of editing on the drums alone."

The band recently launched a PledgeMusic campaign to accompany the album's physical release, and there are lots of goodies you can get with it. Check out more info over at PledgeMusic. Meanwhile, Medallion comes out February 24 and is really, really good. Lost Lander plays a release show for the album on Friday, February 27 at Mississippi Studios.