JUST TEA FOR TWO and two, for tea.
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  • JUST TEA FOR TWO and two, for tea.

You heard right: Portland's premiere cat cafe, Purringtons Cat Lounge, opens tomorrow a week from tomorrow! If you're unfamiliar with the concept of cat cafes, they are just like regular cafes, except for one tiny detail: THERE ARE CATS YOU CAN PET. From the Purringtons Cat Lounge website:

Purringtons Cat Lounge will be the premier petting palace in P-town for kitty lovers slated to open up by the first of the year 2015! We will be located at a super cool renovation at 3529 NE MLK. As we partner with Cat Adoption Team, these felines will be in thee best spot while waiting to be adopted. The humans who visit them will be offered some of Oregon’s finest locally roasted coffees, microbrews, wines and teas. Not to mention edible delights to round out your experience.

We're not talking scrappy used bookstore cats either; these are specially-trained cats, who the cafe staff will ensure are "kind to each other, friendly with people, and up-to-date with vaccinations and medical treatments," and they're also adoptable, so if you bond with a cat over your glass of wine, you might get to keep it! Their website also has an amazing FAQ section, that clarifies that outside cats are not allowed at Purringtons, you know, SO DON'T GET ANY IDEAS:

Will people be able to bring their cats to Purringtons?

This one comes up quite frequently! We are pretty sure your cat or cats are really cool, but we cannot allow outside cats into Purringtons. Getting cats to get a long without having a chance to get to “know” each other would create safety concerns for our resident cats and visitors. Also, to comply with health department codes, we must have strict rules on how the shelter cats are brought in and when they leave after being adopted. The cats at Purringtons will be provided to us by Cat Adoption Team and will be selected based on their ability to hang out with other cats and people.

As for me, I live in a building that only allows adult cats "with excellent references," so it's only a matter of time before I'm lifting a cup of tea to a new friend at this establishment.