Carrie & Lowell Is Sufjan Stevens' Oregon Album


Can't tell if you're kidding about the Tillamook burn thing but its a reference to this:

Also the two videos he's put out are made up of video of Cape Perpetua and the Umatilla Bridge.
Thanks ACW! Yes, the Tillamook burn thing was a joke. (So was the Thorazine bit.) Thanks for the link!
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HI ..two things.

In a recent interview in UNCUT magazine, your theory is basically confirmed. As Sufjan originally considered calling the album Oregon, but his label manager (who is also LOWELL, aka his stepfather, and specifically sung about on the song Eugene"). talked him out of it, as the album seemed to personal to be named after the State and obviously compared to the other State projects. missed Blue Buckets of Gold..which is a referenece to the Lost Blue Bucket Mine in Oregon Legend. So yes, he is comparing the love of his mother to a lost or possibly non-existent gold mine. It helps you realize why this was the last track on the album. in the end, what he's searching for (his mothers love), may not have really ever exisited, even if he tried harder to find it.

Deep, I know.
the album is amazing by the way...