Christopher Ryan Healy
  • Christopher Ryan Healy

Update, 4:22 pm: Portland police just released the name of the man killed yesterday, apparently after coming at two officers with a two-bladed knife. He was Christopher Ryan Healy, of Erie, Pennsylvania, and it's still unclear what he has to do with a residential disagreement that spiraled into an East Portland resident calling cops to report a burglary.

Healy doesn't appear to have criminal offenses on the books in Portland, and police have said nothing further about his background. Here's the knife he was carrying when he was shot:


Meanwhile, the officer who shot Healy is Thomas Clark, who's been with the police bureau for six years. Clark's maintained a fairly low profile in that time. He was injured when a drunk driver rammed his patrol car in 2011, and in December 2013 helped save a pedestrian who was run down by a car.

He was also on scene when police gunned down Merle Mikal Hatch in February 2013—an incident which was largely uncontroversial as Portland police shootings go.

Clark shot Healy twice when he came at him with the knife. An officer named Royce Curtiss tased Healy when he didn't fall, police say.


We still don't know who police killed yesterday, or which officers were involved, but the Portland Police Bureau just released more information about the Sunday afternoon incident which left a 36-year-old man dead.

The first revelation: This may not have been a burglary as first reported, though cops were responding to a burglary call when the incident occurred. Police now say they've learned the incident "began as a neighborhood dispute over the weekend between the occupants of two residences"—presumably in the area of SE 130th and Sherman, where the shooting occurred.

And the white male police killed doesn't appear to be either of those "occupants." Police say he's from out of state and they're still trying to figure out what his involvement was. Here's the latest police version of events, which involves dramatic knife maneuvering:

As the officers approached the subject, he advanced toward them with a double-bladed knife, 10 inches in length, in a weaving, figure eight motion. The subject got very close to one of the officers, a 6-year veteran, who fired two rounds, striking the suspect. The subject remained on his feet and the other officer, a 9-year veteran, re-holstered his weapon and deployed a Taser. The subject then dropped to the ground and an ambulance immediately responded and transported him to a local hospital where he later died. The subject is a 36-year-old white male.

The two officers involved in the shooting have been on the force for 9 years and 6 years.