There is too much confusion around Sunday's deadly shooting by Portland police to be comfortable. Cops say 36-year-old Chris Healy charged them with a knife after they got a call he'd attempted to burgle an East Portland home. But the Oregonian and KATU spoke with a witness—apparently the same witness, though the outlets called him by a different last name—and came back with accounts that stray from both the police and one another. The O says its witness saw Healy trying to break into his house. KATU—again, apparently interviewing the same guy—says the man saw Healy trying to break into his truck? And there's confusion about whether Healy, a transient, had a knife out when officers first came, or pulled it out once he'd been shot the first time? Then there's alleged animus between two neighbors—one of whom knew Healy, and the other who thinks Healy was trying to break into his stuff? Plus, to be a bit picayune, the police say Healy had a 10-inch knife, when it's nine inches.


It's precisely the type of incident for which police body cameras would be very, very helpful. But while Portland's taken initial steps toward cameras for all cops, there are still tough questions to answer—and probably millions in costs to work out. The Tribune summarizes the status of the effort in its latest edition.

KGW spent five entire minutes—an eternity in TV news time—accusing a homeless guy of stealing bikes, calling him a "kingpin," and intimating he's actually doing pretty well, home or no. Thanks for this!!!!

You remember that person who blew up mysteriously on Mt. Hood last week? A suicide, the Medical Examiner's Office has ruled.

Portlander Steve Smith had a lot to do with why you're not drinking Lipton right now. Or as the O says in this long obituary: "He reinvented tea much as Starbucks revolutionized coffee, Oregon craft brewers transformed beer and Northwest vintners refined wine."

I've been told I write about bridges too much. But this is just me writing about someone else's writing about the big, worrying-looking chunks of concrete missing from the new Sellwood Bridge's pillars. So it doesn't count.

God damn it. Don't blow the pot smoke in the baby's face. Don't smoke pot near the baby at all. What is wrong with you?

Trucking and petroleum companies are suing the state in federal court because they'd like to emit as much carbon as they please. Basically.

Speaking of energy companies, nothing to worry about on Hayden Island. The pipeline company that wants to build a massive propane export terminal paid for an analysis that says the new facility would be a paragon of responsibility, and that HI residents will be safe as kittens in its shadow.

A German jet carrying 150 passengers has crashed in a mountainous, remote section of Southern France.

Don't worry, Utah! Lethal injection drugs or no lethal injection drugs, you can still kill prisoners. The Beehive State is back in the firing squad game.

ISIS is taking it back even further. Stoning executions in the public square.

All those offensive and disheartening things Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said to placate the right in the run-up to re-election aren't sitting so well—with him or most people—now that he's back in office.

David Crosby ran down a jogger in his electric car... and... something about Joni Mitchell? I don't know enough about David Crosby to make a wry joke here. Anyway, he wasn't drunk or high, and he stopped to help the guy out.

Too cold. Unacceptable.


What's that? This is vintage Pacific Northwest springtime weather and if I don't like it I can go back to California? I'm not from California. There is still snow where I'm from, and I still object to a high of 59. We should always strive for nice things. I'm out.