The Best of HUMP! Tour that's been wowing audiences across the country (and showing them yer butt) hits Portland tonight through Saturday! And oh-oh.... certain shows are already sold out! Are you going to get off your cute butt and get your tickets now? YES, YOU WILL AND YOU WILL GET THEM HERE!

As I mentioned this week in my review of this year's HUMP! tour, this selection of fine 5-minute locally-made dirty movies are PERFECT for those who need an introduction to the HUMP! fest, or those who just want to catch up on flicks they missed (and get re-horny-ized to old faves). Don't believe me that HUMP! is the cat's sexy meow? Check out these overheard remarks from some newbies who had just seen the HUMP! tour!



And if you haven't seen it... how about a fun HUMP! Tour commercial, starring the never-controversial-ever DAN SAVAGE.

SO NO MORE LOLLYGAGGING! Get your tickets for The Best of HUMP! Tour here and now, and we'll see YOU at the (dirty) movies!