How was your Friday, July 3? You get out of town? Barbecue with friends?

I spent mine facilitating growers from around the state in gifting nearly 2,000 people with about 40 pounds of cannabis. It was called Weed the People—an all-day celebration of legalization and education, where participants were given cannabis samples.

How did it go? Great! But like any event attempted for the first time, we learned from the experience.

We set some rules—no alcohol, concentrates, or edibles. Weed the People was to be a celebration of cannabis flower. The space we rented was a huge warehouse with no A/C—which in Portland, isn't uncommon. What was uncommon was the temperature.

Longtime Portlanders know we get patches of great weather in May, then rain well through June. "It only gets warm after July 4," residents always say. Except on Friday, July 3, it was 96 degrees. That's hot for any activity.

The warehouse was chosen after months of searching for venues that would be cool with us giving away cannabis and allowing people to consume onsite—not an easy task, and we got more rejection than we ever did in high school.