There's been a rush of new food establishments on NE 42nd avenue in the past few years, kicked off with the arrival of Old Salt, and continuing with the in-progress Pizza Jerk from Bunk's Tommy Habetz.

And so it continues to continue... with even more pizza! Owner Shardell Dues confirms that Red Sauce Pizza plans to open October 9 in the former Bob's Rocket Pizza, and Dues comes to the table with four years' experience as manager for Apizza Scholls as well as two years at New Seasons. Says Dues, "The food is influenced [by Apizza Scholls], however I'm not trying to sell out of dough or have people wait extremely long times for food. I grew up working in pizzerias all my life and really want this to be a neighborhood spot." And of those pizza jerks across the way: "I think the two pizzerias, while perhaps being similar in style of pizza, [will] actually be quite different in a lot of ways. I really focus on customer service."

Dues has also applied for a license to serve beer and wine, and plans to offer outdoor seating beginning next summer.

With Bob Cassidey, original owner of Bobs Rocket Pizza.
  • Red Sauce via Instagram
  • With Bob Cassidey, original owner of Bob's Rocket Pizza.