Creeper alert: Some guy pretending to be an Uber driver picked up a Portland woman.

Earlier this month, a woman ordered an Uber ride at Southeast Grand Avenue and Alder Street. A few minutes later a blue Toyota Rav4 stopped near her and she asked the man inside if he was her Uber driver, according to a news release by the Portland Police Bureau. He said he was, so she started to get in the back seat of the car. He suggested she sit up front instead.

As the driver was crossing the Morrison Bridge, the woman got a call from her real Uber driver and asked the man in the Rav4 to pull over immediately. She got out of the car without incident, PPB reports. Yikes.

The woman says the imposter was an "East Indian male in his 40s with black hair and brown eyes, wearing a brown leather jacket," according to the news release.

Police say there was no threat of violence but warn Uber riders to confirm their driver is a licensed Portland Uber driver.

An Uber spokesperson suggests that before getting in the car, a rider should ask to see the driver's photo and check the license plate number, the picture of the vehicle, and the driver's rating. Make sure you match the driver and car. When the ride is over, riders can rate their drivers and provide feedback. The Uber spokesperson suggested riders should do so to allow Uber staff to check on any issues.

Anyone with information about this incident may send an email to, reference case #15-353171.