Let the countdown begin! It’s only five days until the world’s best dirty amateur movie festival takes over Portland for two consecutive weekends of funny, diverse, sexy porn at the Revolution Hall!



Here’s what Dan Savage has to say about it:

“When's the last time you sat next to strangers in a dark, crowded theater and watched hardcore porn, soft-core porn, and animated porn? When's the last time you binged on kinky, vanilla, straight, gay, lez, bi, trans, genderqueer films? If you're a regular HUMPer, it's been a year. (Too long!) And if you've never been to HUMP! before... it's been forever! (Way too long!) But however long it's been—a year, a lifetime—you don't have to wait any longer! HUMP!, the sweetest li'l annual amateur porn festival, is back!”

Remember last year when you forgot to buy tickets until the last minute and all the shows were all sold out?! Didn't that suck?! Don't let it happen again, get your tickets now! We have so much wonderful porn to share with you!

Still not convinced? See the full lineup of 2015 films and much more after the jump!


The 11th Annual HUMP! is bigger, better and more involved than ever before with a live, body-positive painting installation on opening night (Friday, November 6) by Natalie Fletcher.

Fletcher is an Oregon artist who won last year’s body painting reality television show, Skin Wars, and just wrapped up a cross-country road trip in which she painted two "canvases" (read: people) in each state, prompting body positivity by asking each of her models the question, “I love my body because…”

Check out the trailer below and see Fletcher put together a living installation with local volunteer models of all shapes and sizes on Friday during the first two screenings of HUMP!


Beyond that, this year we’ve acquired The HUMP!-meter relationship analyzer. Remember the strong man games at the carnival? It’s like that, except you get to make out instead of using a mallet! 

The original machine, that was modified especially for the HUMP! Film Festival, was created by Stu Rasmussen, the first elected openly transgender mayor in the US!

HUMP! will also be collecting donations for Planned Parenthood so bring a few extra bucks in cash to support local, accessible healthcare!

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Show times are quickly selling out, so quit procrastinating and buy tickets to watch amazing, creative, sexy porn with strangers! You won’t regret it.

Tickets at www.humpportland.com!

11/6 Friday 6:30pm, 9pm SOLD OUT, 11:30pm

11/7 Saturday 3pm(18+), 5:30pm SOLD OUT, 8pm SOLD OUT, 10:30pm

11/13 Friday 6:30pm, 9pm SOLD OUT, 11:30pm

11/14 Saturday 5:30pm, 8pm SOLD OUT, 10:30pm