Last week I received an email from the Society Hotel inviting me as a Portland "influencer" to spend a free night at their establishment prior to its opening, which is today (November 5). After I forwarded the email to all my friends and family as validation of my party-first lifestyle, I coolly accepted the offer.

Located in the heart of Old Town at NW 3rd and Davis, the Society Hotel has taken over a long-vacant building with an interesting history you can read about here. The new lodgings are tasteful and spartan. The first floor consists of an excellent Ristretto-powered coffee shop, a liquor-serving lounge, and the Society's unique hostel-style bunk lodgings. Modern and stylish, the bunks will serve as a cozy and clean low-cost option for budget-minded travelers, touring bands, and as a voluntary drunk-tank for bridge-and-tunnel Old Town revelers.

The remaining upper floors are divided between rooms with shared bathrooms, and suites with private bathrooms. The rooms are immaculate (as is to be expected for a brand-new hotel) and refined, but also very minimal—with neither a TV, phone or closet: The Society has definitely geared themselves towards tourists rather than business travelers in this regard.

There are also no gym or pool facilities, but the crowning jewel is their gorgeous rooftop deck, offering 360-degree views of Portland, with direct sight lines to the river, Big Pink, the Cascades, the city's bridges, and even the line outside Voodoo Doughnuts.

With tourism exploding in Portland, it's great to have another "hip" option to go alongside the longstanding monopoly of the Ace and Jupiter Hotels.

The Society Hotel is at 203 NW 3rd; website here. Lots more photos after the jump!

  • Minh Tran