It was supposed to be a rematch of last year’s playoffs. And I guess technically it was, considering the Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies met in the first round, but this Portland team is a shadow of its former self. Only one player from last year’s starting lineup is back (hint: it’s not LaMarcus Aldridge). I’m sure the national TNT broadcast was hoping for more of a grudge match.

Or, you know, a match at all. The vaunted grit and grind defense of the Grizzlies failed to make an appearance, and the Blazers coasted to an easy 115-96 victory that wasn’t nearly as close as the final score indicates.

While the Blazers may look radically different this season, Memphis decided to get the band back together. A little older, a little slower, and not nearly as good (but still rocking that same flip phone since 2006), the Grizzlies were hoping to make one more run with their current core. The early returns have been underwhelming, highlighted by a fifty point loss to the Golden State Warriors.

Even if Memphis isn’t quite the scary, suffocating buzzsaw from years past, this is still the same team that was responsible for blowing up last year’s Blazers. Running them off the court with a combination of speed and athleticism has to feel good.

Both Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum started slowly, missing the majority of their shots early. Flashbacks to last year’s playoffs were all too real, with the Memphis defense blowing up Portland’s spacing and forcing terrible, contested jumpers. Add in Courtney Lee draining a couple of threes and Beno Udrih knocking down his first mid-range jumper, and it would be enough to give Portland fans a little PTSD.

But things were only dicey there for a minute towards the end of the first quarter. Once the outside shots started falling—including a couple from Meyers Leonard, who apparently just needed to sprain his ankle before finding his stroke again—the Grizzlies defense couldn’t keep up. Grit and grind? More like spit and whine, am I right? (Just kidding, please don’t hurt me Tony Allen.)

The game was actually tied at 62 with seven minutes left in the third quarter, but then Portland exploded. Dame did his best Steph Curry impersonation, knocking down threes from damn near everywhere on the court. He’d finish the game 7-11 from distance but it felt like he hit double that in the third quarter alone, with dagger after dagger finding nothing but net. Portland ended the frame on a 28-9 run, and by that point it was all over but the shouting. The Grizzlies were broken.

This game was so out of hand late that even Chris Kaman made an appearance. He was busy eating stadium nachos and needed a couple of wet naps to get the cheese off of his hands first, but still he made it in.

One thing that has stood out so far in the early going this year is just how balanced this roster is. Lillard is the superstar, obviously, but there aren’t any glaring holes behind him, nobody who elicits audible moans when they check in. Everyone knows their role, fills it well, and doesn’t play outside of themselves. Maybe it’s the lack of expectations on this bunch and wanting to see them all grow for the better. Maybe this is just a fun roster full of likable dudes. Maybe winning puts a rosy glow on everything. Whatever the reason, the Blazers are a solid 4-2 and one of the more surprising stories in the NBA so far.