Did You See the Editorial About Guns on the Cover of the New York Times on Saturday?


You can't think of the last time the New York Times ran an editorial on A1 because it was 1920.
I particularly enjoyed reading a few of the pro-gun and 2nd Amendment nutbag comments in response to the editorial on the NYT website.

If the Newtown shootings of 20 elementary school students hasn't affected change to existing gun laws, I fear nothing ever will. Thanks for giving me another reason to be completely hopeless my wonderful US Gov't.
I know it's been said before, but when you restrict or ban the use of firearms, only the criminals will have them. Take a look at Australia, for instance. I'm all for strict and deep background checks for purchasing a firearm, but it has to be very deep. Look at the Ft. Hood shooter. He was vetted by the government and look how many he killed. Same with the wife in the San Bernadino shootings.
Yes. Please DO take a look at Australia.