[EDITOR'S NOTE! Each year since forever, I've polled an annual selection of Portland's fashion-related industry insiders to get their takes on the best and worst of the past year, from trends to cultural moments, local and well beyond. I'll be spotlighting some of those responses on the blog, and in an upcoming issue of the Merc. Next up: Mercantile's Krystal Gaynor!]

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Adam Arnold definitely captured my heart this year. From getting to tour his studio barefoot back in April, to his psychedelic, fart-spray-infused show at Canton Grill, to his conversation on ‘shock’ for Creative Mornings, he’s constantly redefining what it means to be a Portland-based fashion designer.

  • Adam Arnold via Instagram

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I’m hoping that after the chaos that was Portland Fashion Week this year that people here and elsewhere don’t see that as the best representation of our local fashion. There were many great fashion shows (Open Season, Alley 33, Fade to Light, FashioNXT), and we should continue to put on high-quality events to showcase all of the amazing talent here.

  • FashioNXT via Instagram