[EDITOR'S NOTE! Each year since forever, I've polled an annual selection of Portland's fashion-related industry insiders to get their takes on what they predict (or hope) will be big in the coming new year, and what they'd like to say goodbye to… forever. I'll be spotlighting some of those responses on the blog, look out for an edited version in an upcoming issue of the Merc. First up: Photographer/Art Director Christine Taylor!]

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I'm way over anything calling itself "heritage." Don't get me wrong—I love classic designs that are well-made and long lasting—but if it's a knockoff of something from the past, it's past. Rebrand it! If it is a design that was made in the late 1800s or the 1940s, then the marketing needs to shift to focus on the contemporary aspects of those timeless designs made with great materials, for durability and for seasonless collections—for the now customer. That shit's cool as hell.

Head-to-toe minimalism has died down this year, too. It works best when there is a pop of a little something not minimal in there to bring attention to the lines and shapes. Designer Marsha Patmos does this very well. Who doesn't love a gorgeous simple design with some wow accessories that share personality, power, or—forbid—a tad bit of color? I'm a hypocrite here cause I wear head-to-toe black, like, all the time—but in my defense, I'm a creative! I put a lot of work into looking this dull! It's not cool for me to overshadow my talent on sets or to attract attention for what I'm wearing.

M. Patmos at Una
  • Una
  • M. Patmos at Una

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I would like to see American culture embrace all types of men finding their individual style outside of the heritage movement. There is so much good menswear out there right now it's ridiculous. If a man has a budget, there is no excuse for a man to be ignoring the fact that we are in an era celebrating their personal expression through clothing. It won't last forever so I say, live a little! Wear a floral button up, buy those drop crotch pants (glamorized sweat pants). Have fun with it, guys.

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