Physical Education, above, will have a show at FORTUNE Gallery this year.
  • Physical Education
  • Physical Education, above, will have a show at FORTUNE Gallery this year.

Great news! There's a new gallery in town: FORTUNE Gallery and Press, brought to you by the folks at contemporary art group HQ Objective, who have returned after a months-long hiatus with a shiny new space and freshly minted 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.

From the group's announcement:

We have been renovating since November, and are finally able to officially announce the launch of FORTUNE, hq's brand new gallery and publishing press, located at 2235 W Burnside St. Unit A in Portland, Oregon. FORTUNE will serve as hq's home base for all operations, including visual arts exhibitions, and artist printed matter, publications and books.

Best of all:

Along with grants and donations, we will be offering paid services to the community by way of printing, binding, design and project consultation.

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Um, that seems great. Got an artist-book project kicking around?

Confirmed programming for 2016 includes work from Marc Matchak and Jabari Jordan Walker, Jason Le, Laura Hughes, Sub Space, John Knight, Taryn Tomasello, and Physical Education, the great sort-of exercise slash performance project from artists Keyon Gaskin, Allie Hankins, Taka Yamamoto, and Lucy Lee Yim. Did you read Eleanor Ford's recent column about PICA's Precipice Fund and the importance of grant-based funds in emerging arts spaces' survival? Go read it now. HQ Objective and Physical Education are both great examples of the varied projects PICA's initiative has funded.

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