Hey, People Who Walked Out of Faith Helma's I HATE POSITIVE THINKING! Here's What You Missed!


Your attempts at attempting to shame theater patrons who left a performance are boring and trite. These people paid for a ticket, as long as they're not disrupting the performance, they're free to pay attention, not pay attention, to fall asleep, or to get up and leave.

The lines of "what were you expecting?!?" are particularly odious as they blame the audience for not consuming the art in the way you think is best. Your review would've been stronger and more interesting if you'd left that bit out.

For reference, here's an article from The Stranger's theatre critic talking about why he leaves plays:

I wasn't at this one, but I usually get up and leave when I have something better to do. If I'm bored by what I'm seeing, then that could be a lot of things.