A Hazelnut Grove "Sleep Over" Is Looking Likely for Most Portland Mayoral Candidates


Have these political candidates no shame?
to what depths will they sink to appear 'caring' anyway?
You know what I always fall for? Obvious stunts! Get me every time.
If a bum asked a candidate for mayor to join him in shooting heroin from a dirty needle I think they probably would, that is the level of grandstanding to the homeless this campaign has gone to.
I think the mayoral candidates should all sleep in front of Nick Fish's house with Willamette Week interns. Wait, I don't mean they should sleep with interns. (Though I suppose what happens in front of Nick Fish's house stays in front of Nick Fish's house.)
The current mayor and his cohort should go sleep on the toxic shores of South Waterfront, where they let developers off the hook:

I'd suggest that frankieb and Blabby do a sleepover at Hazelnut Grove, but that would be a truly awful thing for anyone who's already there.
The preamble for candidates standing in line at a Salt n Straw and making small talk with the bridge and tunnel crowd
Screw the hazelnut grove bandwagon- they are just one group of hobos who turned into poster children. They do not speak for everyone. If anything they just look like a bunch of tweakers.
"...candidates standing in line at a Salt n Straw and making small talk with the bridge and tunnel crowd"

Being stuck in that line listening to that is seriously maybe my worst hell.
At least they're finally taking about the issue instead of sweeping (my bad) it under the proverbial rug... What have YOU done to help your fellow man this week? Can you think of a better way for the candidates to get a good look at how those camps are run and how things really are for homeless Portlanders?