Dear Pot Lawyer,

Why can't I find THC-infused booze anywhere in this crummy town?

That's a tough one. Despite the fact that you can now buy pot and beer at hundreds of spots around Portland, you cannot buy both in the same place and you definitely cannot buy them in the same bottle. Marijuana remains federally illegal, you know. No alcohol maker, supplier, or brewery regulated by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is going to risk making THC-infused booze. Doing so would cause them to lose their federal licensing and would put their shareholders at risk of accessory liability under the federal Controlled Substances Act.

I could see a plucky local brewery giving it a shot, despite the federal regulations. The issue there, however, is state regulation and distribution. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission would almost certainly bar the sale or supply of such a remarkable product anywhere in Oregon. Our regulators are still quite nervous about marijuana edibles and infused products (they are writing the rules on those right now, in fact, which is why you can't yet buy edibles at the dispensary). And officials have not approved THC-infused booze in Colorado or Washington or anywhere else.