Cannabis Dec 2, 2015 at 5:00 pm

Hemp, Hemp, Hooray


Great Job, We will be planting hemp as well.
Keep up to date on hemp growing
Oregon Department of Agriculture 2 o'clock Friday December 9th
Dissolve the Draconian @TTBHempPolicy to support economic growth and entrepreneurial opportunities. got hemp?® U.S. Patent #6630507
Hemp is a great crop, and for many reasons other than just CBDs. Too bad that, currently, only those who got the first batch of licenses can do it. Seems the recreational pot growers got a bit pissed about it because they were afraid of cross pollination with the killer buds.
Hey Demondog - Agreed it would be nice if the Dept of Ag released some more growing and handling license for Hemp in 2016. RE: The "drift" issue with pollen from Hemp. It's a legitimate concern for outdoor growers of killer buds, but Colorado has managed to have the two types of farmers co-exist by instituting a certain min. radius between the two types of crops. Fingers crossed OR institutes the same protocol. Thanks for reading!
Hemp is a truly awesome plant with so many uses! Hopefully more states catch on. Also, clearly the author of this article has jokes with their Donald Trump wifey reference :D. Love it.

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