Cannabis Dec 30, 2015 at 7:00 am

The Supreme Court and Legalization


The entire War On Drugs is undermined by the states getting away with establishing their own laws in defiance of international treaties where the US strong arms other countries to clamp down on weed. This hypocrisy needs to be remedied, either one way or the other. I say end the prohibition completely, making Cannabis unregulated, non-taxable, and legal to grow, sell, and share, without limitation. The savings in foreign aid to gain support for the War On Drugs as well as for not feeding and housing marijuana convicts, would be a boost to the economy, beyond the anticipated windfall from regulated tax revenues.
Dred (aka ^PNG), you just can't help yourself, can you? Your rants are like fingerprints. Drop in some reference to PSU and armed security guards, why don't you?
Many others have written here before, that state universities have become jurisdictional enclaves under veneer of colorable law, where as a state might have legal conflict with Federal agencies, universities might likewise seem to have conflict with federal and state regulations, but for the fact that state legislators have questionably ceded their legislative authority to state universities to create school rules with the full force and effect of law. PSU Safety Patrollers could conceivable find occasion to shoot anyone who tries to prohibit students from smoking grass on Campus.

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