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Here’s the understatement of the year: Things have been a little... heavy... as of late. Recent events have made 2017 feel like a sweaty, angry, coke-fueled dress rehearsal for the End of Days, with fires, floods, hurricanes, Nazis, and the horrific freefall of having a senile Cheeto as our Commander-in-Chief.

That vibe has carried over into the world cannabis. There is a solemn, furrowed-brow approach—a newfound ganja gravitas, if you will—to the industry and its products. While it’s awesome to have the wide array of high-end offerings that are available today, there seems to be a missing component to the experience, something more... carefree.

The founders of Leif Goods, Jody Ake and Carrie Solomon, are addressing that with Junk, their new line of “fun cannabis edibles.” Y’know, the sort of lighthearted products that make you say, “Ooooohhhh... that’s cool, I’d eat that.”

Case in point: Junk’s kickoff treat, the Marshmallow Bon-Bon, a vegan marshmallow that’s covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate fleur de sel by Bitterman Salt Co. Each one contains 8 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD. They come six to a package, which is not enough, although at the rate those half-dozen flew past my unhinged jaw, that’s probably for the best.

Leif is well known for making products that are high quality, and that hasn’t changed with their Junk line. The difference is the intent of the Junk experience for consumers. Solomon says these “soft, squishy, salty, sweet” little nuggets of joy are the first in a line of products that will explore themes of space, punk rock puppies, and other fun munchies.

“Cannabis can be a little serious these days,” Solomon says. “It’s amazing to see so many well-branded, well-crafted products emerging as a backlash to stoner culture and all its trappings, but sometimes we just want some fun in our lives. Junk is a bit of a backlash to the backlash, in that we allow you to simply enjoy your time and get silly with friends.”

Junk (junkworldwide.com) promises additional products will arrive throughout the year in and into 2018.