The leaf of the cannabis plant can be a pleasant thing to behold. Its unique shape allows anyone to immediately identify it, and its distinctive outline has become the commonly used international symbol for weed.

But when it's put on clothing? It becomes a high crime against fashion. (Thanks, I'm here all week.) Most every designer who uses the pot leaf seems to feel it's best utilized in a cornea-burning shade of bright neon green, blinding enough to land planes on a foggy night at Heathrow. And the concept of restraint is seemingly foreign, as one or two discreetly placed leaves are ignored in favor of covering every square inch of fabric in them. Weed apparel usually makes the wearer look like a white-trash swap-meet canna-cosplay version of the Riddler and Poison Ivy, simultaneously. And hey, if that's what you're going for... knock yourself out.

But kudos must be given to local entrepreneurs, designer Travers Silver and partner Kyle Collins, who have created a clever line of strain-specific T-shirts, sporting the very millennial moniker Dankteez. The shirts feature colorful graphics of individual strains—sorry, strainz—represented by images instead of words. A dapperly dressed fedora-wearing man bathed in tangerine light? Agent Orange. A visibly upset ape with his fist wrapped around a bottle of what could be Elmer's? Gorilla Glue. And I haven't spied a single pot leaf on any of the designs I've seen, but I'm still able to ascertain they're cannabis-related.

The shirts retail for $25 online, and can be found IRL at Buffalo Exchange for $20, and at several local dispensaries. Dankteez will offer them at the Skidmore Market beginning the first weekend in April as well.