Back in January, I wrote about the OLCC performing random "minor decoy operations" at Oregon dispensaries, with less than stellar results. These operations involve volunteers using unaltered state-issued IDs or driver's licenses that clearly showed they were under 21. The volunteers wore no artificial add-ons like wigs, false mustaches or aging makeup, and they made no attempt to lie about their age.

Of the five areas visited, only Central Oregon came out with a 100 percent compliance rate. Portland came in dead last with 43 percent, for which I shamed them in my column, asking just how difficult checking an ID can really be, and also, the children—WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

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Dispensaries done got wise, because since January 24, five minor decoy operations were performed at 43 dispensaries in Salem, Bend and, yes, Portland, with each and every one passing—meaning 100 percent compliance. See what happens when you apply yourself?

As Forbes notes, the uptick may in part be attributed to the steep cost of screwing up: "Retailers now face a 30-day suspension or $4,950 fine for a first-time offense, with increasing penalties for additional offenses. The penalties are also three times those for selling alcohol or tobacco to minors."

Still, this is good news. Way to go, local purveyors of cannabis products!