The holidays are fast approaching, and over the coming weeks I'm going to be looking at cannabis products and tools which may be used for discreet consumption—for a couple reasons. One, because there isn't always a safe space to spark one up when visiting family or in-laws, and two, not having access to some form of discreetly consumed cannabis may alleviate conflict between certain family members or in-laws. The idea of good will toward one another becomes far easier to execute with the assistance of weed.

Oregon cannabis consumers may know Hana Medicinals as makers of fine pain-killing topicals that are infused with CBD and THC, crafted to support wellness and well being. They are effective, smell great, and soften and soothe dry, chapped skin while relieving pain.

They don't, however, taste very good, so eating a tablespoon of their salve is not a smart idea on several fronts, probably because that isn't how they were designed to be used. (It's not really a sign that you have your act together when you start eating topicals. If you saw someone chugging Bengay, would you think this was someone operating at peak capacity?)

So thank goodness Hana CEO Amy Rich and her team have now created and released something meantto be consumed: a line of effervescent drink mixes called Hana Tonics. They are much like Emergen-C powdered drinks, except better, because they have THC and CBD, along with other ingredients meant to support particular intentions.

They come in three flavors and formulations:
• Matcha Mint: 5 mg THC with matcha, mint, and ginseng.
• Wellness Tangerine Ginger: 5 mg THC 5mg CBD with tangerine, ginger, echinacea, and vitamin C.
• Calming Lemon: 10 mg CBD with lemon, chamomile, passionflower, and magnesium.

All are made with custom blends of full-spectrum cannabis from East Fork Cultivars, and "bioavailability is increased by the buffering action of the acid base reaction."

I tried all three this past weekend, and enjoyed the flavors and effects, as 5 milligrams is just the right "micro-dose" amount of THC and CBD to do the job while not slowing my roll. The Calming Lemon took the edge off but didn't couch-lock me.

Find them at a nearby dispensary through Hana Medicinal's site.