There’s little “good news” while in the middle of a pandemic. With the national death rate topping more than 200,000 and positive coronavirus cases reaching 7 million, it’s pretty easy to slip into a state of hopelessness and depression. However there are things we can do to power through this hellscape and hopefully emerge wiser and stronger on the other side—and more people are discovering that cannabis can help in the process.

The therapeutic benefits of cannabis are well-documented, which may be one reason why a growing number of people are now discovering the benefits of THC and its less stoney, calmer sister CBD. That’s why the Mercury is devoting our annual cannabis guide to the subject of “Cannabis in the Time of COVID.” We’ve got a lot of great information and tips to share, including best practices for getting cannabis delivered to your home during quarantine, what weed works best for anxiety, insomnia, or depression, and best practices for using pot to increase creativity and productivity.

But the interesting stuff doesn’t stop there! You’ll also get rock-solid reviews of various edibles, as well as info on the not-so-fun effects of mixing alcohol with weed, and what local activists are using to mitigate the mental exhaustion of nightly protests. Plus you’ll meet the maker of cannabis hand sanitizer, and a “death doula” who uses flower to help terminally ill patients gently pass to the other side.

While there may be an overwhelming number of anxious scenarios to deal with, at least we live in a state that recognizes its therapeutic value—and the Mercury’s Cannabis Guide 2020 is here to help you survive and thrive as well.

The Mercury’s Cannabis Guide 2020 Table of Contents

What Products Are Best for Your Style of Quarantine? by Josh Jardine

Get High, Get Shit Done by Jenni Moore

Green Muse’s Top Five Cannabis Edibles by Cata Gaitán

How a Death Doula Helps People Pass to the Other Side (With an Assist from Cannabis) by Dominga Ramirez

Screw Going Out—Get Your Cannabis Delivered! by Josh Jardine

Herbs for Justice: How Portland Protesters Use Cannabis to Cope by Suzette Smith

Federal Pot Prohibition Contributes to Workplace Risks by Matt Baume

Surviving COVID with Weed (and Cannabis Hand Sanitizer) by Christopher Frizzelle

Why Weed and Alcohol Don’t Mix by Katie Herzog