Cannabuzz Aug 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm

How NOT to Buy Weed


It's real simple. Don't sell to anyone you don't know and never discuss details over the phone. Simple as that is, consider the implications of that. If you don't know someone, then you won't be able to score. If you don't have any direct connections, then you need to go through a friend that does. Nobody buys crap a second time from the same source.

Landrace strains? Are you kidding? What are you going to do, visit the Pearl Islands, just so you can cop some Panama Red? There are a lot of good seeds available, but most farmers, even the good ones, are greedy and tend to grow potent hybrids that produce high yields.

The dispensaries, however, generally sell bunk.
Organic farming uses chemicals, and there is no genetically modified marijuana on the market. Come on, let's not tarnish a perfectly good column with anti-scientific propaganda.

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