Feature Sep 22, 2005 at 4:00 am

(These People Probably Won't Kill You)


Wow; I wish I had a news paper like you where I live. My husband and I have thought about moving to Portlad many time. I admire your openess and diversified culture. I will definately pick up a copy of your paper if we ever end up in your neck of the woods. Stay honest and keep your edge. Hope fullly it will become contagious.
Fried Pickles
You people are the reason Portland sucks. I wish all the lefty commies would move to Canada to get their freak on, so the rest of us can get back to business. Portland is so backwards in so many ways, it's no wonder everything has been in a constant state of decline for the past 10 years. Even our mayor, the lying pedifile, adds to this depravity.

Portland, Oregon. Most Livable? No. Maybe most laughable... though the Bay area has edged us out by a massive force of superbe stupidity labeled as "progressiveness"

Come on people, pull your heads out and get serious.
some people are just ungratefull if you ask me I'm from a small town in nd. if we could be as open as you guys it would be wonderfull but the fact is this is a zero tolerance state. take your prices and double them and that goes for charges as well . be gratefull fool! lol
Oh my god... are people really so gullible as to believe this article isn't a joke?
hey Mo rons...you cant see past politics...conservitive..progressive...while reading an artical that is just a humor posting. your a bit full of hate...and anger. If you dont like living with a bunch of lefties that make up the majority of Portlanders.....perhaps you should move to Texas. lol If you think that Portland will ever reflect.... the more and more less relevent conservitive base...you would be the backwards one.

I would not recommend the vicious-looking gang of youts that hangs out in south park blocks and deals weed, crack, and meth. their specific clientele is teenagers from Gresham. Ever wonder why all the Gresham teens hang out in Po DT on weekends? yup, for the pleasure of it. Anyway, these guys are usually between Salmon and Madison and will probly rob u and scram to the dark corners of PSU, leaving u to cry for mommy like the dumbass u are. There's even a few negroes among them. I bet these are the douchebags that Webehigh mentioned. I realize that site is long-outdated but history repeats itself every semester.

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