Tired after a long week of schlepping for the man? Here's a list of some of the city's best Service Industry Nights (SINs). Have your Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) or food handler's card on hand.

Alberta Street Pub, 1036 NE Alberta, 284-7665,

Mon, 8 pm-close, $1 off wells

Split into a bar and an intimate music venue, Alberta Street Public House offers live music most nights, and one of Portland's few spoken word open mics.

Beulahland, 118 NE 28th, 235-2794, Mon & Wed, 4 pm–close, $1 off all shelf booze, $3.25 micros, $2 PBR

This is a true proletariat bar. It's the kind of place where the working woman is given her due. Especially if what's due is a stronger jukebox, a stronger drink, and some of the finest company in town. It's a great post-shift decompression chamber.

Boiler Room, 228 NW Davis, 227-5441, Sun, all day,

$1 PBR tallboys, $1 off wells

Nice karaoke bar in the heart of downtown club life insanity. Great place to belt out the torch song you've been practicing in the walk-in.

Cheerful Tortoise, 1939 SW 6th, 224-3377, Sun, all day,

$1 off premium cocktails, $2 High Lifes

Your day off happen to coincide with the best sports day of the week? Wanna watch the playoffs? Tons of TVs and a pour your customers wish they had. Sporty perfection.

Clinton Street Pub, 2516 SE Clinton, 236-7137,

Sun, 6 pm-midnight, $1 PBR, $2 wells

A neighborhood place with a killer bar, beer memorabilia kitsch, and a nice selection of pinball machines. They know how to treat someone who works as hard as you do.

Florida Room, 435 N Killingsworth, 287-5658, "all the damn time," 50 cents off drafts & well drinks

Chockfull of hip/tacky decor with a South Florida flavor. The Florida Room is renowned as a great place to get your hair of the dog.

Kelly's Olympian, 426 SW Washington, 228-3669,

Mon, all day, 10 percent off food & drinks

This bar has a colorful past, from a once male-only policy to the old Shanghai Tunnels in the basement. Motorcycles hanging from the ceiling in a bath of neon now highlight the strange ambiance.

Night Light Lounge, 2100 SE Clinton, 731-6500,

Mon, 7 pm-close, $1 off food & drinks

A dimly lit, cozy place with secluded booths and a rotating collection of art. Great place to go if you want to hide from stalking regulars on your day off.

Roscoe's, 8105 SE Stark, 255-0049, Sun, all day, free pool,

$1 off drinks

This beloved outer Southeast dive is known for goofy, spontaneous contests, fun staff and clientele, and occasional, loosely enforced, mandatory (male) topless-ness.

Slim's, 8635 N Lombard, 286-3854, Mon, all day, $1 off wells

Well known for having a friendly, diverse crowd, Slim's is the foremost representative of St. Johns in the Portland neighborhood dive scene.

Virginia Café, 820 SW 10th, 227-0033, all day, every day, employee pricing, $2 domestics, $3 micros, $2 well, $2 PBRs/High Lifes, $3 call, $4 top shelf

You don't have to work at the VC to feel like you're part of the crew. Just belly up to the bar and drink like you've been on shift all night. You probably have anyway. All the place needs is a little more love and hard living to make it feel as homey as the last location.

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