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The 2014 Portland biennial is curated by Amanda Hunt, a Los Angeles-based curator who's also worked in New York, San Francisco, and London. Portland2014 features 15 artists and artist collaboratives spread across multiple locations; it's presented by Disjecta, and the various exhibits will be on display through April 26. More info at

Jessica Jackson Hutchins creates drawings and sculptures that give household objects a new identity, transforming them with crafts like papier-mâché and macramé. They're dingy and grotesque, but also uncanny. Currently based in Portland, she was previously featured in the 55th Venice Biennale, as well as the 2010 Whitney Biennial in New York. Disjecta

Ralph Pugay's paintings are shocks of color; they look like early videogames, loaded with figures, primed with narrative and action. He's based in Portland, where he also works as an educator. Billboard at SE Grand & Morrison

Alex Mackin Dolan is currently based in New York, but was previously a co-curator at Appendix Project Space in Portland, along with Portland2014 artists Travis Fitzgerald and Zachary Davis. His work is dominated by an austere aesthetic attuned to technology. He was featured in PICA's 2013 TBA Festival. The White Box

John Zerzan and Christopher Michlig have created a series of "kiosk cubes" located at three different sites in Portland. Designed by Michlig, the exteriors of the cubes feature the anarchistic writings of philosopher John Zerzan. Jamison Square (810 NW 11th), 786 W Burnside, Disjecta (8371 N Interstate)

Travis Fitzgerald is a conceptual artist currently working in New York. He is the co-director of the gallery and production house American Medium in Brooklyn, and was previously a curator at Appendix Project Space in Portland. The White Box

Richard Thompson's paintings are vivid landscapes and still-lifes with a compressed sense of space. He currently resides in Dayton, Oregon; his work was featured in the 1975 and 1981 Whitney Biennial. Billboard at NE Grand & Everett

Kelly Rauer is a Portland-based artist who works in video and photography, confronting themes of movement and space with multi-channel video installations. Disjecta

Evan La Londe creates photographs using experimental processes such as photograms; the results are abstractions, both sublime and painterly. Disjecta

DE May works with a variety of materials: found papers, watercolor, ink, and cardboard. The effect is like beautiful debris. Based in Salem, Oregon, he is represented by PDX Contemporary Art and was the recipient of a 2013 Hallie Ford Fellowship. Disjecta

Publication Studio prints and binds books from their Portland location, including out-of-print and original works. They've released a companion guide to the biennial, featuring curator Amanda Hunt's interviews with the artists. Available at each venue or via

Devon A. VanHouten-Maldonado is a young, Portland-based artist, and a creator of the alternative exhibition space the Bunker. Collaborator Modou Dieng is an assistant professor of painting and drawing at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA). He was born in Senegal, and is the founder and curator of Worksound Gallery.Disjecta; billboard at E Burnside & 10th

Abra Ancliffe, an assistant professor in printmaking at PNCA, runs the Personal Libraries Library. The collection is funded by memberships, and is made up of titles once in the private collections of five noted intellectuals, including writer Italo Calvino and artist Robert Smithson. The library will be available for browsing. Best Art Gallery in Portland

Ellen Lesperance combines archival footage with a background as a professional pattern knitter, entwining issues of feminism and protest. She is based in Portland and is an assistant professor at PNCA. Upfor Gallery

Blair Saxon-Hill is the co-owner of Monograph Bookwerks; her work bridges the gap between sculpture and painting, creating sophisticated collages of monochromes. Disjecta

Zachary Davis currently lives in New York, working as a curator and artist. He was a co-founder of Appendix Project Space in Portland, and his art is marked by a clean aesthetic—multimedia and conceptual, with roots in technology. The White Box