You could read nothing but Oregon authors and keep yourself happy for life. Here are the new releases on our radar for spring.

The End of Eve
by Ariel Gore
(Hawthorne Books, March 1)

Gore is best known as the founder of parenting magazine Hip Mama; The End of Eve is her new memoir about caring for her mother in her final days. (Gore is a former Portlander with strong local ties.)

The Gods of Second Chances 
by Dan Berne
(Forest Avenue, March 1)

Berne's novel is about an Alaska fisherman, sole guardian of his graddaughter, facing the return of his meth-addict daughter.

The Enchanted
by Rene Denfeld
(HarperCollins, March 4)

Denfeld is a local investigator who specializes in death penalty cases; The Enchanted, her first novel, is about a death-row inmate who takes refuge in books and fantasy.

Sorrow Arrow
by Emily Kendal Frey
(Octopus Books, April 1)

A new collection from one of Portland's most well-regarded young poets, published by one of Portland's most well-regarded presses. So much regard!

Driftwood Forts of the Oregon Coast
by James Herman
(Nestucca Spit Press, April 1)

Herman's debut, from scrappy coastal publisher Nestucca Spit Press, is a "complete spiritual, historical and how-to guide" to the timeless beachside practice of building forts out of giant sticks.

The Wax Bullet War: Chronicles of a Soldier and Artist
by Sean Davis
(Ooligan Press, April 1)

Art-school dropout Davis' memoir of enlisting in the Oregon National Guard after 9/11, published by the PSU-affiliated Ooligan.

Madame Frankenstein
by Jamie S Rich & Megan Levens
(Image Comics, May 7) Local writer Rich teams up with out-of-town artist Levens for the macabre tale of a scientist who tries to create the perfect woman—by reanimating a corpse.

So Much a Part of You
by Polly Dugan
(Little, Brown, June 10)

First-time author Dugan snagged an enviable publishing deal for her first time out of the gate: She'll follow this linked story collection with a novel next year.

Going Somewhere: A Bicycle Journey Across America
by Brian Benson
(Plume, June 24)

A young couple sets off on a cross-country bike trip, ready for adventure—only to confront the dangerous, exhausting realities of life on the road.