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Ah yes, Roe, that "underrated" restaurant that won an Oregonian Restaurant of the Year award in 2013.
A "dive bar" at 48th and Hawthorne.
So, this a list of your favorite things in Portland?
Yeah.. Roe was also the Willamette Week ROTY. And it's not like Block & Tackle, Wafu and Fin weren't getting press either...
Roe got Oregonian ROY and Luce was in Bon Appetit. Both are consistently in "best restaurants" lists. (I would say Luce is one of the most OVERrated restaurants.) Maybe you mean "places I like that should be busier"? Seems like this would be a good opportunity to highlight places that don't get press, not places that get lots of local and some national press that you wish were more popular.
Cameo... yes!!!! Amazing breakfast.
Woodsman brunch seems pretty highly rated to me... But yeah, let's go with that and I'll keep Roost all to myself.
IMHO Wild Abandon is by far the most underrated brunch in the city. Phenomenal food, best biscuits I've ever had, super kind and on-top-of-it staff, and seriously. NEVER A LINE. Ever. And you don't have to roll out of bed early to experience it either. I've consistently come here with 8 people at 11:30, noonish, and we all sit down 3 minutes later. And usually get our tastiness on the table in the same timely manner. But you also don't have to feel like an asshole for hanging out and ordering an extra mimosa on the back deck. It's like magic.
Hi guys! As noted in the intro, these "underrated" picks are examples of places you guys did not deem worthy of being in your top ten of the PDX Approved Survey. Hence Roe being underrated... at least in this regard.

St John's Bridge is tragically underrated by South Portlanders.
The Most Underrated Place to Incur Head Trauma for the win! I usually am a lazy tan--line enthusiast babysitter as the children are all around ninish and solid swimmers. I hit local water playgrounds,rivers,man-made lakes,raft the Sandy, ect.I've seen some real trashy scenes. This place freaks me the fuck out. I get some mean fear of heights and mild vertigo from almost ever angle.I suddenly become an official lifeguard riding their ass in loud and louder tones.I glare at the drunk pedos, and I always feel relieved when it's Subaru loading time.Does anyone else get the meat market for dumpy folks vibe? That place is terrifying. I love you WSH.
Lol...you may have just, single-handedly, dismantled the tin box's business.😳 Whoops!
My vote is for DeRosso Brothers Tattoo & Barber Shop in Multnomah Village. There's your underrated barbershop!
InnerUrban on Mississippi is my favorite "under-rated" brunch spot. Nice old time bar with a patio in back. And though I've occasionally had to wait to be seated, most often we just walk in and sit down.

Great breakfasts! My favorite is the basic no-shame breakfast (cook to order eggs, thick savory bacon, roasted whole potatoes that will bring you to your knees they're so wonderful, and perfectly executed toast), but they have lots of great options such as beignets, wonderful french toast, cowboy breakfast with hot sauce, etc.

Friendly staff. Nice ambience. And when you're done with breakfast, you can walk down Mississippi and top things off with a Ruby Jewel cone.
I want to let readers know that "the most underrated urban escape" place in St Johns can be pretty sketchy....I have definitely felt unsafe there- lots of creeps skulking around, and i had a friend get harassed there. while seeing the railroad workers can make you feel safer, you are actually trespassing and can get a ticket. Just an fyi!

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