Smoking in public is illegal. I'm surprised the Mercury is advocating breaking the law. With that said, I am allergic to pot smoke and would love for folks to keep their choices to themselves. Some people aren't just uptight.


Gee, where would I be without the Mercury telling me how to do simple things I've been doing successfully for years?


And then there's 'one-hitters' -- a small wooden contraption (a little taller, and yet somehow smaller than a pack of smokes), replete with realistic, hollow metal filter-cigarette-thingy that you plunge and twist into the built-in side stash. Looks just like a ciggy-butt, tastes like -- well, that depends on whether or not you clean it periodically.

Hold it like a regular cigarette, but just before you exhale a big cloud of smoke, pretend to take another drag -- it'll make you look like an experienced, soon-to-be-cancer-ridden well-seasoned tobacco smoker.

They're around 20 bucks at your local dealer.
Oops! At your LEGAL Pot Shoppe.
Thanks, voters!

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