"Theyโ€™re hungry for media coverage to validate their existence and spread their hateful rhetoric."

Sounds like a win/win for these extremist groups and Zielinski. She can't stop herself from writing endlessly about them (gotta get those clicks!), which helps them spread their message and rile up their base. Take some of your own advice, Alex, try diversifying your coverage choices just a wee bit beyond endless repetitive snarky takes on housing and protest issues.


So glad that someone has finally noticed that PeePees want media coverage! Astute. And nothing says "media coverage" louder than the spectacle of black-clad Toofies gettin' it ON with PeePees and PoPoes alike. It's a violent orgy of morons. What would happen if PeePees showed up to play to an empty house? What if "counter-demonstrators" actually COUNTERED the PeePees?


Up here, where they base their operations, we don't give them the kind of audience that downtown Portland seems to. For example, Clark College cancelled classes and staffing for the day that PP showed up on campus, so no audience. PP members who've tried to rabble-rouse in local watering holes have been summarily bounced. They're not even welcome to use big box store parking lots to load up for their field trips anymore. We are a much more diverse city than many P-Towners seem to think (I've noticed that large cities tend to underestimate their neighbors), and as a community we don't support their message.

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