Alabaster Pizzo



According to a "poll" conducted by Metro, a majority of knucklehead voters in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties are in favor of throwing untold TRILLIONS of dollars into a burning dumpster to widen I-5. Why do these people not know that adding lanes to a freeway does not solve traffic congestion? Did they not move here from Cali? Did they not notice that (for instance) LA's multi-year freeway expansion project not only drove them crazy DURING construction, but also failed to alleviate traffic congestion in any meaningful way? If you work in Salem, why don't you FUCKING LIVE THERE??? Do you work in Beaverton? THEN FUCKING LIVE THERE!!! Have you ever boarded a train in a picturesque town in Ireland and arrived 20 minutes later in Dublin, fresh and ready for the day? You should. Then you might know why OTHER people want you to learn how to use rails and busses in combination with sensible living arrangements to improve your life. Now fuck off and move to New Jersey or Texas, where nobody even thinks about giving up their cars.


Since I live close to my usual places, including work, I can walk or bus. But we've kept our car, even though it remains in the carport most of the time. Why? Because when you live in an 800 sq. ft. space with three other people (After the kids grew up and left, the family elders came rolling in. My spouse and I will never have an empty nest), you have to escape to a solitary space once in awhile if you don't want to be a candidate for the insane asylum. The car doesn't even have to go anywhere; just being alone can be enough. But it also makes a great practice room - no one complains about my shrieky pennywhistle or thumping bodhran anymore.

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