Courtesy Bridgetown Aikido

Hey, shit's getting scary out there for pretty much everyone who's not a straight, cisgendered white dude. We all gotta stay safe out there, so now's the time to learn how to protect ya neck!

Aikido works by redirecting your attacker's momentum and dissipating it in a way that leaves both parties unharmed. And Sensei Eddie Frager of Bridgetown Aikido is teaching two free self defense classes next month for teen and adult females and the QUILTBAG community. "Aikido practice is based on non-competition and nonviolence," explains Sensei Eddie, and "develops our capacity to remain centered, calm, balanced and focused" even under stress.

Come learn these nonviolent self-defense techniques in a safe and friendly environment!

When: Tuesday, January 3, 2017; 5:30 pm for women/teens, 7 pm for LBGTQA+ teens and adults
Where: Bridgetown Aikido, 336 NE 28th
Cost: FREE!