So you know how every group of friends has one guy (or girl) that does something incredibly stupid or dangerous at every party you go to? Our friend K.K. was that guy. He was either out of control or totally stupid, but he managed to fuck up a lot of relatively cool parties by doing something really lame. Guess what... K.K. was having a party. No detailed plans were made to get K.K. back for the damage he had caused over the years. We just knew it was gonna be mayhem. 

It started simply enough with each guest running over his garbage cans and mailbox. Then a game plan started to form. The first order of business was to pull every branch from a tree in his yard and block off the main entrance to his house. This worked better than we expected and other guests became confused and scared. After exfoliating the tree, we proceeded to light the remainder on fire.   

We noticed K.K. locked himself in his bedroom and wouldn't let anyone in. We went around to the back of the house and looked in his window and saw him and a few girls snorting fucking crushed-up Ephedrine pills! We opened the window, turned on the hose, and sprayed the entire group. Of course, K.K. got pissed and tried to rush outside but, alas, he couldn't get out! Oh, the laughter. He made it outside, saw the still smoldering tree, and realized he was in the midst of a party war zone.

A couple guys went and dumpstered some donuts and brought back like 30 full boxes which were promptly smeared all over the front yard. It came out later that K.K.'s parents asked if a bunch of people had puked on the lawn! Anyway, the party wound down after some milder shenanigans. K.K. ended up in his parent's room with the door closed and locked. There were only three of us left—but we weren't finished. We proceeded to raid K.K.'s porno stash and cut out every dick, tit, and pussy and strategically attach them to the family photos hanging on the walls. We saw the altered photos weeks after the party! 

It was finally time to go but we heard a lot of noise coming from K.K.'s parents' room. I mean sex noise of extreme magnitude so we, of course, busted in... only to find K.K. nude on the bed by himself! No girl (or guy) in the room. The funniest goddamn thing I have ever witnessed. K.K. never had a party again.