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Think You're a Genius at Remembering Everything that Happened over the Last 10 Years? Take Our Quiz and Kiss the '00s Goodbye!


Not that anyone actually gives a shit at this point, including myself (really!), but regarding #17 it may be of interest to some cockroaches now occupying Jimmie Blowjobs Cabaret Piano Lounge in the former Blackbird space that Uncle Butchy himself (incredibly, in Portland, not a lesbian) was in talks with us while the Blackbird was still open, trying to convince us to let him have his lo-carb cafe operating in the space during the day while it was a "hip" club at night. I tried my best to communicate to him why this "Librarian by day..." scenario wasn't going to work for a nightclub, as bad as we needed the money to keep the place afloat. Needless to say, Butchy was bummed. So as soon as we decided the place wasn't going to make it and the original owner of the club came back to town to do something with the place and was subsequently late on paying the rent (for the first time ever) the Blackbird was evicted for Butchy (who happened to be the brother in law of the landlord). So sorry it didn't work out fat ass!
Also, as an aside, I was embarrassed by how many times I said the word "Fuck" in the "Blackbird Closing" article that ran in the Merc after all that. Not just because my dad read it and thought that the paper made me say "that" for dramatic effect, but also it made me sound like kind of an idiot. I'm sure the rest of the content didn't help considering how absolutely hammered I was when Marjorie interviewed me for that "piece". Oh. I feel better now having got that off my chest!
Holy crap! Was Marjorie Skinner really on Elimadate? I used to love the back-to-back dating show trifecta of Blind Date, Elimadate, and the 5th Wheel when I lived in Seattle.
It will be great to watch Super Bowl XLIV: Hotels & Packages, i have bought tickets from… looking forward to it.

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