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48 Nonstop Hours at the Pendleton Round-Up


hey this is justin guessing jake didnt stay in the village.i didnt make it back to town until to late and once i did i went straight to my buddies basque shack.where we just ate and drank all bad i wasnt able to hang out with you and jake
3 pm SM—Climbing up the arena stairs with a beer, a cop stops and asks for ID. Where is my ID? I don't have my ID. "Just give your beer to your friend," says the officer, pointing to Jake. "You can take sips every once in a while."

Sarah! That was Peter!

(My only gripe.)

Glad to see you folks had a splendid time out east.
BTW - how was the bloody mary, Patrick? One I had at the Rainbow Saturday morning was absolutely horrid.
Love this! Such an accurate description. Although only partially country-folk ourselves, my sister and I roadtrip out to Pendleton every year for the Roundup and end up camping with the same group of insane, rowdy drunk cowboys she knew from college. Out of seven years I've seen the rodeo only once, but 75% of the Roundup is about the party.

Next year, go to Crabby's!
Can't wait for the day that rodeos die out as people move beyond primitive animal abuse entertainment.
WOW! Like, Hella rednecks! I guess this is where teabaggers go to party, huh? And how nice it was to see all the NATIVE ABORIGINALS properly segregated & made to perform acts of bafoonery infront of all the White people, YAY! Sarah, you were surprised to see a "pro-life" belt buckle, really? I assumed they had all kinds of pro-life contraband. Eastern OR, hello? Did they have any "Dump The Coon" or "Pin The Tail On The Jew" games too? For the youngins'!

But i'm sure you & Patrick got to meet some of the most delightful racists in your lives & they feed you both lots of whiskey. Good for you! Here's to next years' lynching, uhm, i mean rodeo. YEE HAW!!!

Oh, one last thing, i might be wrong on this but i heard that one of the main reasons this "round up" is soo popular is due to massive drug-dealing. Kind of an open secret, actually. Might anyone be able to confirm or deny this?
Where in the world did you get the impression that just because we are primarily conservative eastern Oregonians that we are also 'racist'? Have you ever bothered to come here and meet the people yourself? Did you even read the article? I'm sure you feel you were oh so clever, but in fact - you sound pretty ignorant to me.
@DamosA: Hello from a Cayuse & Walla Walla/Dutch(?) Half-breed, year-round Pendleton resident.

First, don't call my cultural traditions bafoonery. It makes you sound racist.

Second, some of us 'rednecks' (again, you sound a lil' racist) out here aren't all conservative and biggoted, in fact, many of us East Oregonians are intellegent, cultured, liberal and welcoming. Some of us even support Planned Parenthood and NPR while riding bikes and drinking Micro Brews. A few of us even read the Mercury. I know that reading about Round-Up week in the Merc or the NY Times, a well intended yet self-rightous liberal white person may get the impression that the Cowboys and Indians out here are seperated. But let me assure you, the second week in September-as with the rest of the year- we live together, we work together, we eat and drink together. We get pissed at each other sometimes but then who doesn't? Its nice that you can accuse us of being pathetic hateful racisits while coming up with awesome sounding, racist-joke-punch-line games that might offend you if I was making them up.

Oh, one last thing- you are wrong, the main reason the Round-Up is so popular is that its a big unique and historic (100 years baby!) party; the massive drug-dealing is just a by-product. Think about that next time you're at Burning Man.

I do thank Sarah & Patrick & Ian for coming out and spending this celebration with us and to anyone reading, please feel welcome to come for next year's. But even though we're actually a very friendly and inviting bunch out here, DamosA, I think I speak for most Pendletonians when I say 'go fuck yourself.'

Let'er Buck!
I am sure your Mom can "confirm or deny this".
Damosa,Damosa,Damosa.Now see?There you go again pissin in the wind.Are you off your meds again?Hey even COWgirls get the blues.I'm sure your alien.You suck me in to your shit all the time.I now know why.It's to see you get smacked down for your narrow sited angry view of most everything.Stay in the ring girl.It's most humorous....sort of.Giddy-up cowpokes.Just slap that ass and ride er in.[put her away wet]
"There is the alpha and the omega, and everything in between is sushi and good bridle horses and the occasional piece of ass."

That's some true wisdom right thar.
"Oh, one last thing- you are wrong, the main reason the Round-Up is so popular is that its a big unique and historic (100 years baby!) party; the massive drug-dealing is just a by-product. Think about that next time you're at Burning Man."

So you ADMIT there IS massive drug-dealing at this "Round-Up", GOTCHA!
"2 pm PAC—As a special treat for the 100th anniversary, the organizers recreate a legendary Round-Up bronc-riding competition, which featured an African American, a Native American, and a European American in the final. As happened in the original competition, the European American wins."

Not racist, eh?
DamosA, ever been to Pendleton or the Round-Up? Ever met any of the Umatilla Indians that live there? I have and you couldn't be more wrong, and it is you with the stereotypical connotations, racist.
@DamosA: If you had even the slightest fucking clue what you were talking about, or have ever met anyone from Pendleton, you might know the historical relevance of that Bronc Riding competition. How many professional sports do you know of that even allowed African Americans or Native Americans to compete 100 years ago? When the judges wrongly declared John Spain (white guy) the winner after an African American, George Fletcher, obviously won, the thousands of backwards red-neck racist hillbilly's out here in Eastern Oregon erupted into protest over the injustice. The crowd raised more money than he would have received for winning and he was declared the People's Champion. Too this day Fletcher is considered the winner of the 1911 Round-Up. Again, this was one hundred years ago!

As far as the drug issue goes, yes, drugs are prevalent at the Round-Up, although much less so than any concert, party, bar, business meeting, or any other event I've attended in Portland where more than 10 people are present. You're not really making any point there other than to refute your own ignorant idea that the Round Up is not a large diverse crowd here for no other reason than to have a good time.

I suggest in the future you do at least five minuets of research before posting vague generalizations about a place you know nothing about, although this would mean you would have to admit that there is something you don't already know and I'm guessing this is beyond from Pendleton, Go Fuck Yourself.
DamosA, you're an idiot.

Want to see some racism in Eastern Oregon?
Go check out what happened when the Aryan Nation tried to make a move for John Day this spring (I think there's A black guy there now... and a few Mexicans, otherwise- all hillbilly rednecks.

At the threat that these racists were going to have ANYTHING to do with this town, they all banded together, and ran them out. Denied service pretty much everywhere. Still big green solidarity ribbons painted throughout the town. They didn't have to. There really aren't many minorities there to even represent, but they definitely weren't having the racism.

Eastern Oregon does indeed have a lot of hicks and rednecks and hillbillies, but most of them have good hearts.
Damos A must mean "Da most asshole" because his butt is sure doing all the thinking. Take a shit buddy, shit all your brains out and reboot the HD. You are too full of shit to even talk to. As for the drugs in Pendleton comment, I have been to pendleton the last 40 roundups and this year was the first time I smelled pot as I walked down the street. I am guessing the carnival being in town not the rodeo was more to blame there. It is possible someone as lame thinking as DamosA is going to lowlife places. Get a tattoo while you are there Damost ass hole.........
The fact that you dumb rednecks are all having this collective little hissy fit just b/c i [perhaps] said some things that were TRUE - it kinda reminds me of when [then canidate] Obama made his comment about White people in [rural] America being all bitter & clinging to their guns 'n shit.

Now what he said was ABSOLUTELY TRUE, but that was beside the point. Here this molatto muslim socialist - who was born in Kenya - gettin' all kinds of uppity & calling it as it actually was. How DARE he! Racist Whites who wouldn't even admit to being racist could not, would not stand for that shit!

Oh, the indignation!

Anyways, calm down hillbillies. Y'all can have your little Round 'em Up or whatever. And all the educated people here in Portland will have it's diversity, culture, Equal Rights, & street faires. So, why don't y'all just giddy on up thar, y'all!
People, its obvious DamosA is just a troll. let him have his empty words.
But he's so much fun!
Nooo, YOU people are the funny ones.
No you are
Address not DamosA, for his stupid be contagious.
Damosa sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and thought a fool than it is to open it and remove any doubt
"People, its obvious DamosA is just a troll. let him have his empty words." Now how is it I'M the "troll"? I live HERE in Portland. This paper is based HERE, where i live. I'm a regular commentator here. But i take it most of YOU PEOPLE don't live here, but Eastern OR. End of the road for civilization. How many of 'yall folks' have even heard of the Mercury before? Now the whole lot of you are commenting here. Seems to me that YOU ALL are the ones who're trolls.
I know you are but what am I?
You know PeeWee Herman! Why you folks are cultured, after all.
DamosA-I am surprised that you have such strong opinions for an event & town that you probably have never attended or visited. We do tend to be a little conservative on this side of the state but I think we are much more tolerant to other peoples lifestyles than you obviously are. I invite you to come to next years Pendleton Round-Up to see for yourself how the other side of the state lives.
I know you will change your mind!!!
Better yet.....come out and visit anytime! Come enjoy a nice little symphony concert (where else can you see Mahler-2 being rehearsed in Wranglers & Justin's?) WHAT!?!?! a Sympnony??? Why yes...and a damn fine one at that! We are indeed a diverst lot....and not all of us are generational family settled in the valley in 1842. I moved out here in 2003. The RoundUp is a cultural hertiage extravaganza of native and immigrant people. The crazy "party" is due to the 50,000 visitors who want whisky, fun & frolic.....which is also fun for some of us locals!
If you had read it though Damos, they stated a couple of times that they DO NOT, say again, DO NOT want Portlanders to not get the wrong idea about our side of the state.

"The people here are no different than anywhere else, though their daily concerns may not reflect mine. More than anything I want Portlanders to know that." ---Quoted from PAC 1:15 pm

We are your normal everyday people. Alot of us have generational roots, others are fresh to the town and area. Everyone here is part of our big family. The natives, the whites, the african-americans, mexican americans, and the list goes on. I missed this years Round Up due to being deployed to Afghanistan. So me and my military family missed out on a milestone of our home. This is our tradition, our heritage, even yours. Even if you choose not to accept it, you trace your roots back a few generations and you most likely descended from settlers of the "wild west".

So as p-town-boy said, "I invite you to come to next years Pendleton Round-Up to see for yourself how the other side of the state lives.
I know you will change your mind!!!"

If you choose not to, you can spend the rest of your life in your own polluted mind.

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