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Portland and the Art of Traditional American Tattooing

Original tattoo designs by Bert Grimm


Call me what you will but tattoos, like guns, should require a waiting period.
hmmm... I thought this, often desperate, attempt to be 'alternative' went out of style about 5 years ago.
OK, some are cool... but...
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
Great article.
Very well written article - I'll bet this subject could almost be expanded into a book....
I still wanna get tattooed by you, J.D.
Little additional historical tidbit: Sea Tramp moved to Grand cuz the building it was in, next to Sav-Mor Grub on 6th, was blown up under mysterious circumstances in the middle of the night... and it was never really seriously investigated.

I think it's pretty much accepted at this point that Starry Night owner (and murderer of Tim Moreau), Larry Hurwitz paid someone to torch Sav Mor (which attracted street people) with the knowledge that the cops would look the other way.

I'm also pretty sure that it was already called Sea Tramp while still on 6th, a couple doors down from Satyricon. I can still picture the front door.

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