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Pet Problem? Bridget Pilloud Is a Psychic Who Talks to the Animals


I dont know

if you can really talk to somebody's dead animal, just kinda dial em up, would it be that much of a reach to just ask Jimmy Hoffa which interstate off-ramp he is buried in? Couldnt you ask Nicole Simpson if OJ did it?
Couldnt this person be more useful solving crimes or getting help from dead geniuses like Einstein and stephen hawking?
Stephen Hawking isn't dead.
I can't believe that this article even fucking exists, let alone she takes money from people and feels no shame about it.
OK, who saw the Jim Jarmusch film 'Broken Flowers' ??
Pet Psychic my ass.
So...are there people on the staff who believe in this stuff? Or you just think it'll move papers?
I'm sensing something, a feeling now. A certain presence. Ah, it is Bridget herslf - in her unconcious sleeping mind - calling out to me.
Gosh, I'm a little scared by this. I didn't choose to have this ability, but maybe by using it, I can help people out there.
Bridget is saying.... she is saying....
Check out her price list:…

Sure can tell she came from a marketing background.
It's a little disgusting to see how many people just hate on Bridget and other "intuitives" without talking to them. I tried to get in touch with Georgia to talk about my experience with Bridget (full disclosure, we know each other through the twitters), but didn't get a chance.

Bridget isn't a psychic. At least, I don't believe she is, I don't believe that anybody can access the thoughts and inner spaces of another person transparently through magic. That's just not real. What is real is that Bridget has a very keen ability to "cold read" somebody (if you want information on cold reading please look at a James Randi article about debunking some psychic or another), and from that cold read, plus a salting of information from your description of your problems or questions she asks, she generates a "reading". This is a combination of stories or images that she uses and tunes (while talking to you) to provide a reasonable fairy tale that calls to her interpretation of your internalized issues. That's what she does, that is the real, observable-by-science version of what she does.

What she does with that information is pretty much exactly what a traditional counselor does with gathered data. She generates a few litanies for you to read and internalize (pray or meditate, take your pick), which, hopefully, help your brain break down problems into manageable sizes. That's it. That's what she does. And she's amazing at it. She's not magic, but she has a gift for dissecting the baser worries behind your words. I am a skeptic and a non-believer, but -- with the help of some strategic, "open minded" cognitive dissonance -- she helped me get over some real serious compulsive worry with a smile, a warm hug, and her "psychic" reading.

Haters to the left.
I'd rather be a hater than a COMPLETE FOOL who gives money to this charlatan.
She claims to speak to animals (!!!!) and was visited in the bath by an old dead guy ??
And seeing an old dead dude in the bath, she brilliantly thinks 'wow, don't look at me naked' ?? Oh, c'mon.
I'm glad you brought up James Randi, the great debunker. He'd have a field day with this woman.
Some of the drawings here in the Merc is by another fool woman who is in her 'testimonials'. Sheesh.
I realize that stories like this, about these types of charlatans, have entertainment value. But I worry that some poor fool reading the article will think the MERC is endorsing this madness, and go off and give this woman their hard-earned money.
It's alot cheaper to buy a self-help book.
You are just like the people who claimed that the Sun revolved around the Earth just because we didn’t yet have the instruments to prove otherwise. Cultures all over the world have access to all kinds of information that most of us in the U.S. are too fucking “scientific” to access. Does our inability to access it make it inexistent? Or does it mean we are ignorant, like a blind person claiming color doesn’t exist because he can’t see it? There are numerous anthropologists, for example Edith Turner, who have written about witnessing spirit forms while doing cross-cultural research on healing.
But actually, it is normal to be skeptical until you’ve had your own experience, so enjoy your narrow material existences until then.
I loved the article, and there are TONS of people in Portland who are into and open to spiritual healing. I thought it was well done and surprisingly respectful for the Mercury.
I dunno that the analogy about the sun revolving around the earth is such a great one to use, as it was SCIENCE that disproved it.
But hey, if you really think cats care about having odd-numbered jars on a sill then there ain't nothing I can do for you.
In general, cats have more existential anxiety than dogs, says Bridget. "'Why am I here?' and all that."

Oh, for fucks sake, please. Get real.

Besides, dogs are smarter. Everyone knows they mask their insecurity about their existence with a wagging tail. They don't want to push their negative thoughts lazily off on people, so just act that way.
In fact, my dogs are smarter than Bridget.
Everybody deal with it. There are animals, those animals have interior monologes, and some folks, can hear it. Reincarnation. Ghosts. Wizards. All of it, happens all the time weather or not you give a shit. A sane person can still believe in all of that, and, encounter it, weather or not it agrees with your cynical perception. Being a bitchy guy on the internet does not stop any of the any of the spiritual shit from happening, or occasionally, being discussed.
If Bridget only wanted to bilk people for money, she would have stayed in the corporate world, where that is a very accessible option for an opportunist.
I know its very uncomfortable for a snark commenter to even consider, but too bad, because you just read the whole article, like a total sucker, and have been considering it since.
Science, while true, is not the only aspect of reality. Some people just straight up have other more spooky aspects of reality shoved into their purview.
Magnets, how do they work?
I'm sure your wizards make magnets work, honey.
@ Carolyn, webcomic idea: "Douche Trollington & The Case of the Missing Micropenis."

[SPOILER: the villain is a clammy mouse.]
haha. Clearly my wizard magnets work like a MOTHERFUCKER. Now stop condescending to my vagina.
Awww...I came in here SPECIFICALLY to fuck with FrankieB and CC did it better than I ever could.

As usual.

OK, fucking with me aside (and yeah, Colin did it quite funnily) Colin and Kiala, do you seriously buy this shit?
I've met Bridget and she is the nicest, most down to earth persons ever. And yeah...she seems to intuit stuff really quickly so while I'm skeptical of everything I also like to keep an open mind about some things. Especially when the person is not trying to indoctrinate me into a cult and/or any kind of organized worship of a space jesus.
2 questions:
Did you pay her?
Do you believe she can talk to animals?
I'm with you on getting indoctrinated into a cult of space jesus...but....
Dude do you really think Bridget could be a Rasputin who sucks money out of everyone she meets? No wonder you are afraid of her.
Look, it ain't about fear - it's just that as much as I don't like to see these 'preachers' on TV asking for money from weak-minded folk (usually elderly and without much money too),
I also don't like to see people taken for a ride from anyone claiming they can talk to animals.
Did you read her conversation with the rare giant turtle in China about reproducing? Hilarious.
I'm curious why women tend to fall for this particular type of crap more than men. Look at her 'testimonials' - 80% are women. Why is that anyway?
I wonder if men are more willing to buy into things I did as a ignorant boy - Bigfoot and the Bermuda Triangle, than women?
I wonder why people who question God, the Bible, Jesus rising from the dead, parting of the Red Sea, etc, seemingly have no problem sometimes NOT questioning a womans claims to speak to animals - or any of the batty things this woman claims.
I'm sure she is a nice person. Great mom. Good friend.
But being your own boss while getting these kind of ouragous fees from people has surely got to be better than going to a corporate job everyday.
Well, alot of people were falling for snake-oil at one time too. Some things never change in humanity I suppose.
Oh, this 'intuitive' wording seems to be a way to tone down the 'psychic' critisisms. But as you age, all people get more intuitive by lifes lessons and encounters with more and more types of people. It ain't rocket science.
Oh, there was a reason to ask kiala if she paid Bridget for her time (or was it merely a social encounter?):
If she paid her, then she wouldn't be in a position to critisize her, or else it would make her look a fool.
I'd imagine that people who felt they got ripped off wouldn't be chiming in either.
I also asked kiala simply if she thought this woman could talk to animals, as she deftly avoided this question in her response.
Her silence is deafening now.
Enough of you telling the internet which women you consider foolish. You are the kind of ass that is not worth listening to. And that is why people do not. Enjoy mining your Foreveralonium.
I did not nor have I ever paid Bridget for anything. And yes, why not? Why can't people talk to animals? It doesn't hurt anyone to believe they can.
Ohhh, this is why frankie hasn't been on that IA post about Occupy. He's been spending all his time HERE. Did the hippies finally wear you down, Frank?
To me, some crazy woman claiming she can speak to animals is no big deal. Millions of crazies out there in the world. Or, you can say this is just entertainment of a form. No harm.
But if she is charging quite the tidy sums of cash while claiming she can talk to a beloved dead pet, then she is preying on the lost love an owner feels, and is a FRAUD.
kiala - even Koko the Gorilla had to use sign language to communicate.
This thread is so stupid. I feel like Bill Murry here:
Next week in the Mercury: Why Scientology might make sense after all!
Its really easy to make fun of things that cant be proven, and might be a lie. As the client, who handed over cash dollars to Bridget, I could not be happier to have paid for that exchange. It was some of the best money Ive spent in my life. You being mad about it wont alter that exchange.
While I could never prove to anybody resistant any of the more supernatural things Ive come to embrace, Bridget is way different from Ron Hubbard in that she's not starting a cult and she barely ever talks about aliens. Im not asking you to believe me about anything wizard, Im just asking that you allow me room to believe so, without being a giant cunt about it. I will have some strange beliefs from now on, due to the things Ive encountered in my life thus far. Im fully out of the closet about that, and I wont apologize. It doesnt make me wrong if you disagree, it just makes you a dick when you have to call other people stupid, for having tiny portions of faith. Just like George Michael taught us with his butt, long ago.
If you're going to disparage a person's character, put your actual name on it. Then we can enter into a real conversation.

I'm not going to talk with someone about my work if they can't even put a name to their words. Say what you want. In your anonymous state, it means very little.
Bridget!! How is that rare turtle doing anyway? Did she finally get preggers or what?
Did you act as the turtles mid-wife too?
I enjoyed this article very much. I don't normally post messages on boards such as this one.

I've been a client/friend of Bridget's for a few years and greatly appreciate what she is able to do. Her ability to heal and bring about change for people is something she does well. I think of her as a person who could certainly have an achiever's career in the traditional sense, but goes out and achieves in this different cutting edge way that takes courage. I suppose it is a way that is more healthful, and authentic to who she is. And turns out to be more healthful and authentic to the way a lot of people desire to be.

So making the standard jackass comment on a site such as this might be a force of habit for some people, because maybe you're like a barking dog at an unfamiliar intruder. So take it easy, have a biscuit, take a few breaths and think about what you can take from this article. I enjoyed it!
Is a pet psychic more or less bullshit than a regular psychic?
Dr. Doo-Bridget, can you answer the question posed by manticore?
Bridget, I didn't realize you can communicate with pets all around the world, picking up their energy! My gosh, what a talent.
How about we put you to the test?
So, if we had a quiet puppy or cat in Box 1, and another quiet puppy or Kitty in Box 2, both boxes in the same room with you even.... and you a short distance away.
How many times do you think you could correctly identify which dog / cat was in the box by communicating with them?
I'll be willing to BET whatever sum of money you are willing to lose that you can do no better than the odds of random chance.
Not your animals, either, nor your house. Maybe the Merc would like to lend its' office space for this test of your ability??
I mean, if I am wrong, think of the publicity opportunities!
PROVE me wrong. If you can communicate with the dead animals, read their thoughts, etc bullshit etc, you should easily be able to get one of the pets to say 'Oh, I'm over by the bowl of water' ... the door, etc etc.
Yours truly,
frankieb, It's clear you're spending an awful lot of time and energy on Bridget - 5 hours of posting and additional research. I'm curious, is it a crush that inspires you? jealousy? a lonely existence....?
My apologies Frankieb, looks like you've been following this for about 42 hours, not just 5.
I'm on a Mission to expose frauds like Bridget wherever I can, as a service to humanity.
So, all you big supporters of hers out there - let's put it to the test then.
Will she dare to accept? Surely, with a talent like hers she has nothing to hide, right?
Pretty sure she already has.
No, she hasn't.
Frankieb, of all the posts here easily HALF of them belong to you. What's the matter, you got bored with Occupy?
Missed me?
Occupy is getting boring. Besides, I gotta help society here by exposing charlatan frauds.
Still waiting to hear back from Bridget and her followers to take me up on my challenge.
In defense of Blogtown, this pet psychic stuff got zero comments when it was on the Portland Monthly blog. Not sure if it was in the print issue or not.…
OK, now I'm REALLY pissed. This phoney gets to meet my fave, and the cutest Go Go - Jane Wiedlin?
Life just ain't fair.
Georgia really seems to like pushing this story.
So Georgia - why don't you arrange for us to TEST THE 'PSYCHIC' at the Merc office in front of all to see and witness?
Give you all another story too. There are all sorts of ways we can test them to prove, as I believe THEY ARE 100% FULL OF SHIT.
And, if I'm wrong, I will humbly submit to any demeaning task you guys can think of.
Clean the 'occupy' toilets? Sure. ANYTHING.
Maybe watching James Randi debunk these idiots affected me more than I thought.
Interesting watching James Randi this morning on the subject of 'psychics' - the harm they can cause, and also blaming THE MEDIA (hello there Georgia) for the propagation of this foolishness.
For Bridget: Still waiting for you to BACK IT UP WITH A SIMPLE TEST.
C'mon, you know that you can't refuse a DOUBLE DOG DARE.
Bridget, I'm amazed to read about you! A real psychic! In my hometown!

There is an amazing opportunity for you to use your psychic powers to make a real difference in this world, and it's easy as cake.

If you can prove to the James Randi Education Foundation, in an actual scientific test, that you truly have supernatural abilities, $1,000,000 will be donated to the charity of your choice. (You could keep it too, but I'm sure you would never use your psychic gifts to make money off other people.) I'm sure many animal shelters could use a cool million, as could hungry people, underfunded schools, or whatever charity you'd like to support.

Bridget, learn more about how you can truly use your gift to make a difference here:
One needn't be a psychic to tell that frankieb's heading for a coronary.
frankieb appears to be about to suffer some kind of psychotic break, but that doesn't make the subject of this story any less of a fraud. She's either lying to herself or lying to her customers, and neither is a spiritually healthy thing to do.
@Todd, how did you know about what happened on the Portland Monthly blog? ARE YOU CHEATING ON US WITH ANOTHER BLOG?
Todd, you slut you.
I occasionally play touchy-feely with other blogs, but I only get naked and slathered in molasses and Karo syrup with Blogtown.
Man, i think frankeib cares waaay too much about this.
So can I get this Bridget person to have a little chat with these raccoons that've moved in underneath my garage? I think the fat one with the long tail is up to something bad, but I don't speak raccoonese (which sounds a lot like Italian, BTW) and am not telepathic, so I'm basically living in fear.

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