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Portland Public Bathrooms: A Century of Holding It In


"Donut-gobbling tourist" haha, is anyone else glad the fucking Blues Festival bullshit is over? I hope the lack of bathrooms in the area helped them all piss on themselves or maybe they went into liver failure. I saw tourists dumping actual BAGS, like trash bags, on the fucking sidewalk as they waddled out of their SUVs.
So, what are the LOCATIONS of all the public restrooms in dt (Powells and McDonalds doesn't count)?
I have one proposal for helping to end the vandalism problem, make vandalizing a public restroom a felony.
How about we just make ALL crimes felony offenses? Simple drug possession, jay-walking, not yielding, broken tail-light, illegal dumping, expired MAX fare, noise violation, etc. - ALL crimes should be felonies. Mandatory ten-year convictions!

Problem solved, right?
Sometimes, a few people just ruin things for everyone. It's not my favorite outcome, but that seems to be the case here. So for now, go ahead and pee in the streets. Your dignity is not worth the cost of maintaining public facilities in the face of vandals, not to me at least.
The City does nothing to clear the streets of bums, vagrants, drug addicts, and Occupy pukes. What do you expect? I recall when the underground public bathrooms here were clean, safe, and well-maintained. The streets of downtown now are more disgusting then the public bathrooms ever were (on their worst day.) This is simply the logical end result of 20 years of the Dem's being in power in PDX. They have infinite money for trams, trains, bike paths etc, but can't give a fuck about basic services like jails, etc. I love Portland - I was born at Good Sam. But watching the way the idiot political class runs the City is like watching someone beat your sister. I hope you enjoy the shithole you have made of a once beautiful City.
Basic services like jails, ect.? What the fuck is your catamite ass typing about?
Loo locations:…
SW Naito & Taylor
SW Naito & Ash
NW Glisan between 5th & 6th (Greyhound Station)
NW Johnson & 11th (Jamison Square)
Thanks, Ginny!
@ Chicostix - I'm sure you have much more knowledge (and experience) in the area of buggery than I, so watch who you're calling names, Peckerhead.

Basic services - Fire, Police, Schools, Roads, Garbage, (and yes, jails.) The current administration (like many other Dem controlled before) has fucked every service mentioned up. They get a couple of dump trucks full of money from the citizens to build the Wapato Facility, then the politcians refuse staff it & divert operating funds elsewhere.

That's why downtown is a cesspool of drugs, closed businesses, and bums shitting in the streets.
Thanks from me too, Ginny!

@ 10, Homophobic, much?

@ 6, miserable classist SHITHEAD much?
@12: I was empowering gay men to do something constructive for the community and now I'm being "homophobic"? Yes, I'm scared that gay men are going to throw Skittle at me if I tag a public restroom with my gang sign. Petrified. Can'
Gay men don't have sex in public restrooms any more than anybody else does. And it's weird that you're THINKING about gay men and public restrooms to this degree.

What's so weird about it, AlaskanNow? Are you homophobic?
stjohns is projecting all over AlaskanNow.
Simmer down, chico. It was a joke. Don't let the stereotype consume you.
Americans are very stupid (although I am a smart one). The solution is quite simple. Europe has them everywhere. Its called pay toilets people. Pay a little to relieve yourself and guess what, your fee to pee keeps the system funded.
@c bourne - pay toilets are inherently sexist, asshat. it just means men will continue to piss on everything to save a nickel, while women (and people looking after children) have to dig up spare change or find another solution - just like now. So ... no, not an answer, either. Just another proposal for us all to set our watches back 50 years.

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